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I can’t wait.

“The LifeGemĀ® is a certified, high-quality diamond created from the carbon of your loved one as a memorial to their unique life.”


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Point out to me how this isn’t 100 percent truth

how he a lie.

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the italians are also amazing!

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omg!! the swedes are amazing!

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Whale wars!

Whale wars on animal planet is that piff!
Grab your wine and watch this lunacy!

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"i smacked him, i didn’t punch him."

despite alfamega being nearly impossible to understand, i learned this much:

the dude you saw layed out on the floor in that video was not punched, alfa SMACKED him! he knocked the dude out without closing his fist!

i guess shawty lo was talking some shit to TI that night, but i couldn’t tell if it had anything to do with the fight. apparently a girl that was with tip and them got hit in the head with a bottle of water, which is what actually set things off. alfa also says he got maced by security…

anyhow, here’s some videos of alfamega being ridiculous:

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somebody download this and send it to me!

alfa just released some kind of statement regarding his dirty awards knockout punch, but i can’t d/l it at work! somebody help!


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