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Chicken Little

From the Columbia Crew Survival Investigation Report:

When the orbiter lost control, the resultant motion was not lethal but did require crew members to brace against the motion. The forebody, which is made up of the crew module and forward fuselage, separated at orbiter breakup. The forebody continued to rotate.

After the crew lost consciousness due to the loss of cabin pressure, the seat inertial reel mechanisms on the crews’ shoulder harnesses did not lock. As a result, the unconscious or deceased crew was exposed to cyclical rotational motion while restrained only at the lower body.

Crew helmets do not conform to the head. Consequently, lethal trauma occurred to the unconscious or deceased crew due to the lack of upper body support and restraint.

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bad year media blog is keeping me occupied today when i prolly should be working on graphics…

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If you like Schiff and his cronies you can now hit Financial Truth for all the youtube updates.


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Sports Til The End: NFL Playoffs week one edition

Dudes are bumming on that counterfeit sport, Arena Football League atrocity, cancelling their season. Real though, where the fuck has Slamball been? Can someone organize a weekly night of slamball? Puhleeeez?

On to that NFL shit, the Dallas game was the best shit I’ve seen in a long time. I particularly enjoyed Tony Romo on the ground staring at his hands like he just accidentally squeezed off the end of his dick. So cool. Predictions…..

Falcons/Cardinals- you already know. Falcons are going to show up the Cards. The Cards have mentally eliminated themselves so they have been chilling. Note to Phoenix, no one cares about your alleged city (except my uncle, Mark McCoy, who was wearing a Cards hat at X-mas).

Colts/ Chargers- Peyton Manning is ill but the whitest dude ever from the whitest city ever. I remember going to Indy with my old man. We were in Union Station and this dude stole a woman’s purse. He was being chased by a ton of cops and there was a small set of stairs. Dude jumped down the set of stairs but the cops didn’t and they all fell down. Cool shit. Colts are the cops. They go down.

Ravens/ Dolphins- Ravens are on some magic shit. Dolphins are ill too but I’m feeling the Ravens on this. I dunno what the Dolphins o-line is like but I predict that Ravens run wild on flipper. Sorry dudes.

Eagles/ Vikings- I’m on an Eagles high. Every goddamn season the Vikes are either on the cusp or wasting everyones damn time. This is no different.


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A Wedding Photo From Awhile Back

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funny celebrations

watched the hornets/pacers game last night, which sucked for a while but got pretty exciting at the end. chris paul put the hornets on his back in the fourth quarter and made some fucking spectacular plays, but the game still ended up tied with 30 seconds left. on their last possession, paul had all five pacers chasing him around the floor, which left david west open for the game-winner. afterwards, paul went up to posey for a chest bump, and pose hit him so hard he almost fell over. it was pretty damn funny.

then, we flipped on the end of the cavs/heat game just in time to see this ridiculous-looking celebration between lebron and varejao. wow…

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