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In case you doubted them….

Former Clipse manager and nightclub owner Anthony “Geezy” Gonzalez has been charged in U.S. District Court with running a $10 million a year drug ring.

According to federal documents, Gonzalez’s 6 year drug empire has allegedly moved 100 pounds of cocaine and over a ton of marijuana through Hampton Roads, Virginia since 2003.

Authorities suspect Gonzalez imported the drugs from Panama Florida, California, and Arizona.

The 82-count indictment states that Gonzalez laundered drug money through several front businesses, including the Clipse’s booking agency Soul Providers Management.

The federal document elaborates that the defendants painted “themselves out as music producers, rappers, entrepreneurs, club owners, clothing designers and other legitimate occupations in order to conceal the true source of their income.”

In addition, Gonzalez is accused of making several kingpin transactions, such as purchasing 10 kilos cocaine for $200,000, and 625 pounds of marijuana for $540,000 in 2007.

Gonzalez’s Encore Lounge nightclub was allegedly purchased in 2007 for $80,000 and 40 pounds of marijuana.

Earlier this year, the Virginia Beach nightclub closed down after a reputed 100-plus incidents of violence and drug transactions in 2008.

Six other co-conspirators were named in the 60-page document, including a police officer who allegedly tipped Gonzalez off about the coming indictment.

To date, Anthony “Geezy” Gonzalez remains at large. At press time, the Clipse could not be reached for comment.

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lying fuckers

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The Ohio State University Medical Center is releasing the following statement this evening (4/29). We want to make sure you received this before it is released to the local news.

The Ohio State University Medical Center provided treatment to a patient who was diagnosed with probable swine influenza A (H1N1) virus, which is pending confirmation at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). The patient is an employee of the Medical Center who contracted the virus outside the workplace. The patient responded well to treatment and is being discharged this evening.

OSU Medical Center staff followed all recommended precautions to prevent the spread of the illness to others. Individuals who had contact with the patient prior to admission are being notified. The Medical Center is providing prophylactic/preventive medication to those individuals, in accordance with standard CDC recommendations.

The Medical Center’s normal patient visitation schedule remains unchanged. The hospital continues to urge all visitors and staff to follow infection control steps including covering your mouth and nose if you have a cough or sneeze, and not visit patients if you are ill. Frequent use of waterless hand sanitizers is also recommended.

OSU Medical Center is working in collaboration with the CDC, Ohio Department of Health, and Columbus Public Health and following all appropriate guidelines.

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Three six mafia ft. juvenile – That’ll work



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