Dear Weedsteeler…

Dear Weedsteeler,

What is the best way to end a fight with my significant other?
–Wayne from Raleigh, North Carolina

Dear Wayne,

In spite of how much you enjoy someone’s company, spending a lot of time with a person and being in close quarters can be trying on the nerves. So, when things get ugly, the best way to end a fight is to win and with brute force. This will make him think twice the next time he gets “uppity” with you.


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12 responses to “Dear Weedsteeler…

  1. schinzel

    is anyone trying to run a train this weekend?

  2. like a gangbang? man that’s kind of a weird thing to ask. no.

  3. martinhugo

    great idea!!!!!
    love it!


  4. martinhugo

    youre not invited anyway


  5. it’s on for this weekend.

  6. hit me up for time and place details.

  7. schinzel

    cool, got some friends interested too.

  8. martinhugo

    cool, how many we got total?


  9. total is looking like 6 right now.

  10. zachcreadon

    make that 7!!!!

  11. kevinloveschili

    i love eating shit out of a dog bowl any one got a pooch

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