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weedsteeler trend report…

high waisted anything…

high waisted pants are finally socially acceptable for men…  time to cop a pair of 501s,  if you don’t have the balls to wear ’em high, buy them a size too small so they only fasten when the waist is at your belly button, then you have no choice.

Urban Commando

the whole urban malitia / shellshocked vietnam vet look is pretty much hear to stay.  camo is still pretty much uncalled for.  think earth tones. faded w/ yellow armpits. looks best with blood stains and holes/rips.  if you had an uncle who killed himself shortly after Vietnam, your dad probably still has the contents room he rented at the YMCA right before he pulled the trigger.  chances are all of his clothes looked like this, find them, steal them, and wear them…  don’t tell your dad, cus chances are your shitty girlfriend will steal them from you in about six months.

the proletarian.

buy an ill fitting suit, nothing modern, nothing shiny, nothing synthetic..  take your older brother to the tailor, and have them tailor it to fit him.  bury it in the woods for a few months…  dig it up, rinse it out, but don’t use soap, soap is a bit of a luxury only available to the upper classes.  cut some buttons off, find some shitty buttons that don’t match or really work with the button holes,  sew them in place, re cut the button holes to fit if needed.  if your feeling extra jazzy, make a button yourself, be creative, use an old teddy bears eye, or carve it out of a piece of driftwood (make sure it looks like a button though, if it looks to weird your gonna end up looking like your from japan).  wear this suit everyday.  buy two or three button up non-dress shirt, non patterened shirts… not white maybe cream that used to be white, but not white.  if you feel like you must wear a tie, the only rule here is that it can’t be from a store (thrift stores count!) get an old table cloth, some thread (does not need to match nothing jazzy though) cut the table cloth into a long strip (double the distance from your neck to your dick) that is about 4 inches wide, fold the sides towards the middle with a slight taper and sew it together… tie it around your neck in a single windsor, and never untie it and wear it every day..

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Going to Canada? Wear a cup.

LANGLEY, B.C. — Police in Langley are investigating after a woman kicked a man in the groin so hard he lost a testicle — the latest in a series of similar assaults.

“I just want to know what her problem is,” victim Anthony Clark, 22, said this week. “People like her shouldn’t be on the streets.”

Mr. Clark was walking in the Brookswood area of Langley in early September when he passed his assailant on the sidewalk.

“I was looking down and then I took a passing glance and saw her walk up to me, holding a condom” he said.

That’s when the young woman inexplicably kicked him in the groin hard enough to send one of his testicles into his abdomen.

Mr. Clark said he wasn’t aware of the severity of his injury until later that night when he “noticed something was missing.”

He consulted his doctor and a specialist, both of whom believed his testicle could be brought down again with surgery.

It wasn’t until he woke up afterwards that he discovered the doctors were wrong – the force of the assault had caused his testicle to rupture. It had to be removed and will be replaced by a prosthetic before Christmas.

“My doctors say I will still be able to have children,” Mr. Clark said. “But at 22 that’s not something I want a stranger, this woman, to decide.”

Embarrassed by the situation, Mr. Clark didn’t go to the police until nearly four weeks after the attack.

Constables have told him there have been three or four similar assaults on other men, Mr. Clark said.

Langley RCMP said they would like to speak to other victims, although there have been no official reported incidents, spokeswoman Const. Holly Marks said.

The suspect is described as a Caucasian woman, in her late teens or early 20s. She was between five-foot-five and five-foot-seven and 130 pounds with a slim build and brown hair.

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graphics inspiration fall/winter 2009-2010

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Happy Birthday

Ireland, the 14 year-old daughter of Alec Baldwin and Kim Basinger, got this Lil Wayne birthday cake.

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Picture 15
While only Martin and a select few may find this headline funny, I will say something about this whole situation.

I wanna take a second and blame “no re-entry” for this co-ed going missing (that is if this isn’t balloon boy type hoax).  Fuck no re-entry.  I don’t know if this girl kept her stub or what the problem was, but I can only imagine how much sass she got from security at the arena trying to get back in and meet up with her friends.    These dick-bags sent her out into the night under rape bridge to get abducted and they will blame her friends before blaming security (who is almost always wrong).


Picture 16

The real reason this girl is ghost

The typical metal fan and sicko would probably say some negative shit about how “she shouldn’t have left alone” and “she deserved it”.


Picture 17

Can someone ask devourment for an official statement?



Normally I might too, but she’s not terrible looking and was last seen wearing a Pantera shirt so I’m kinda taking her side here.

I’m glad Kirk Hammett made commented on behalf of Metallica, because anything coming from Lars or Hetfield would sound lame and insincere.  I’m pretty sure Trujillo can’t put 3 english words together so there’s no way he’s making a statement of any kind.

Bottom line: fuck the arenas, fuck security, and fuck no re-entry.   I hope they find the girl alive, because it would be depressing that her last moment would be almost seeing Metallica.



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last night…

things i learned last night….

not all wu tang members are created equally

Curren$y smokes about $200 worth of weed a day

Dame owns an art gallery. (said this ten times)

Edan has a new album/mixtape type of thing coming out in a week or so, called “echo party”  a must cop.

It is always funny to me when someone claims another person went and “got strong”

dudes that go to Morehouse are likely to have a mustache!?

U-God might be a blood.

trying to ride the subway drunk and high is not a good idea,  next time im taking a cab.

i have a soft spot for southern rappers with punch lines, NH.

these days when i smoke herb… i get weird.

dudes that just got out of shitty relationships throw around the term “good looking”

A 30+ man with a 23 year old female “personal assistant” better be at least getting a taste every now and then…


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