Dear Weedsteeler

Dear Weedsteeler,

My boyfriend and I just started getting serious and he wants me to go on birth control. I hear there are a lot of side effects from other girls at my high school and it sort of scares me to mess with my hormones. What’s the best form of contraception?
-Mia from Buffalo, New York

Dear Mia,

First things first, you should probably break the news to your boyfriend that he’s gay. There’s only one contraception that works 100% and as a straight man, he would know about it; it’s called ‘anal or nuthin’. Best of luck to you.


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  1. brandonmccoy

    Hey baby baby, eugenics is the best type of birth control. Yo Mia, send a pic and we can see if you are good breeding stock. If not, ya gotta get put down with the other dogs. Nahmean? In the meantime, let your man hit ya in the shitter. He will never forget it. 9/11 in the butt…never forget.

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