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NFL Week 13: Final Destination

What a wild weekend of football. Sadly, there are  four more weeks of regular season football. I’ll post my record tomorrow, until then pixxxxxxxx…… Again, I’m writing in advance of the Monday night game.

Jets (5-6)/ Bills (4-7)- fascinating thursday night match up. Two let-downs go head to head in a game that means less to the world than what Tiger “dranks” before he goes joyriding in his Escalade. Jets.

Eagles (7-4)/ Falcons (6-5)- game one of “Fighting For They Lives Like They Terminal”. This one should land in the Eagles lap due to the injuries that the Falcons have. We’ll see who is inactive closer to Sunday.

Titans (5-6)/ Colts (11-0)- this is an intriguing game. Colts have already clinched so they may bench Manning and other starters to keep them in shape for their playoff run. I’m going Colts but I may switch if Manning is benched.

Broncos (7-4)/ Chiefs (3-8)- Broncos.

Texans (5-6)/ Jaguars (6-5)- this could be a “fighting for they lives” game but these two teams have already died twice. Someone has to die a third time on Sunday. I’m guessing the Jaguars will get murdaaahhhed.

Lions (2-9)/Bengals (8-3)- only in fucking Ohio do we get to sit through the Browns/ Lions, Raiders/ Bengals, Packers/ Lions, Browns/ Bengals,  and Lions/ Bengals in consecutive weeks. Yeah, the Browns game was actually watchable but come on. Can we be punished any more? Hey world, take some jobs away too! I can only cut my wrists so many times before I bite the bullet. Bengals.

Buccaneers (1-10)/ Panthers (4-7)- why doesn’t anyone care about southern football? Racism, that’s why. Panthers.

Raiders (3-8)/ Steelers (6-5)- will Rothlesberger sit? I doubt it matters against the silver and black. Steelers.

Patriots (*-*)/Dolphins (5-6)- oh look, Miami. Oh, we gotta play crummy daygo-phins. Pats.

Rams (1-10)/ Bears (4-7)- Did I read that Jay Cutler has 20 interceptions? Sadly, I’m going to go Bears. Culter, here’s to another twenty.

Saints (*-*)/ Redskins (3-8)- so, like…who gives a shit? Saints.

Chargers (8-3)/ Browns (1-10)- hey look, part two of the suicide double header. This will be shown on a real tv and yet no one will watch. Sadly, there are NO OTHER AFC games at this time. The fuck? Ohio gets dumped on yet again. Hey, how about this one? LeBron, go ahead leave. The fuck outta here. We don’t want a championship (sniff sniff). You know what weird high school girls say “If you love it and it comes back, then it’s true love.” Whoever wrote that has NEVER WATCHED A BROWNS GAME. FML FNFL FTV.

49ers (5-6)/ Seahawks (4-7)- you may not remember from “The Chronic” but there is a reference to a rapper named Lil 1/2 Dead. My Bebe’s Kids roommates did not believe that there was such a rapper and this was before everyone on earth used the internet to answer the most basic questions ie: Is This Sean Paul’s dick and why is it in my pocket? Anyhow, after digging around at work, I found the Lil 1/2 Dead LP. I didn’t play it because I don’t want to hear it. Interestingly enough, according to wikkipedia….

His performing name is not based on the character Half Dead in the film Penitentiary (1979), but on his older brother Big Half Dead, who is now deceased.

Point being, both of these teams are more than a Lil’ 1/2 Dead. 49ers.

Cowboys (8-3) /Giants (6-5)- ok, so the Giants went to TX and ruined the grand opening of the Cowboys stadium. Now it’s Dallas’ turn to throw dirt on the grave of the Giants playoff hopes.

Vikings (10-1)/ Cardinals (7-4)- I would suspect that the Cards aren’t even going to show up for this game. Their fans won’t either. Yet, it is the Sunday Night Game on NBC.  Vikes.

Ravens (6-5)/ Packers (7-4)- “Fighing For They Lives Like They Terminal” game two. Agghh… Pack.

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I’ll see you in the street…

Growing up in the country, I didn’t see any gang activity. There wasn’t too much crazy stuff going on in rural Ohio. I only heard about grave desecrations and the eventual arson of Old Stone Church and the ensuing satanic paranoia. The fear of cults and satanism was entertaining but city life seemed light years ahead of what I was used to. This slice of NYC gang life is silent but fits the “post apocalyptic” vibe of NYC at the time and The Warriors captures the essence of the short video below. For some great pics and poor design, check


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Ronnie James Dio was diagnosed with stomach cancer. It may or may not have been a ploy to get out of his Thanksgiving obligations. In any case, it is reason enough to watch this live Dio set from 1984.

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ol’ jig chimpson say…


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The first holiday gift idea from your young professional pals at

Help your friends or loved ones feel more confident in their business endeavors with this beautiful Monocle X Ettinger sliding box card case.

From the monocle shop description:

These boxed, leather card cases come from the archives of Ettinger London. Founded in 1934, Ettinger has a Royal Warrant for HRH the Prince of Wales. Monocle has joined forces with Ettinger to design the card cases, which are embossed with both the Ettinger and Monocle insignia. They are limited edition – only 20 are produced in each colour.

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This week in vandalism

columbus indie rocks favorite crew aka columbus super crew PBJ apparently has gotten there hands on a “magic stick”


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talk about perfect timing!

weed steeler dot com will be in the building…fingers crossed frenchie will be too….

as usual, shawty lo is being creepy at 3:12 in the first video…..


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