ol’ jig chimpson say…


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2 responses to “ol’ jig chimpson say…

  1. brandonmccoy

    Heyoo, I’m going to carve this turkey up and then carve up my wife.

  2. Kcid Kcus

    Nicole Chimpson’s dead, has herself to thank
    So long cunt, negro-loving skank!
    Ron Goldman was stabbed to death too
    Good riddance Kike… Hook-nosed Jew!
    Bloody banana belongs to O.J.,
    But the negro skipped town, he tried to get away!

    Ol’ Jig Chimpson!
    Puppet of the Jews!
    A negro killing Whitey…
    Is yesterday’s news!

    Number 32, he’s outta the game
    He killed a whore, what a shame!
    Judge Ito, the Honorable Gook
    Works with the Jews to save the spook!
    A Kike and a negro call the shots
    Getting rich as Nicole rots!
    A Current Affair rakes in the dough
    As the Jews cheer, “Let O.J. Go!”

    Ol’ Jig Chimpson!
    A disappointment to his fans!
    He should’ve blown his brains out
    When he had the chance!

    American public’s glued to their sets
    Pathetic sheep, placing their bets!
    I’m a genius, a regular sleuth
    I know the scheme, I know the truth!
    Crime is money, and money is crime
    Nicole’s alive and Ron is fine!
    “April Fools!”, cry the Jews!
    “Now we’re rich, and the joke’s on you!”

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