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wacka flocka /true religions

oh and frenchie acting crazy..

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more musickk from columbus’s new fav mc: waka flocka aka murder man flocka (do you realize how much traffic we get off of google searches for him?)

after the jump there is an explanation of what comes on a sausage biscuit….

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for those of you that dont want to spend your new years with the eminem
 dj’s ( mike and mike  aka dj detox annd dj gay bar) at sky lab…..

here are destination suggestions :

mia was shockingly expensive!

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So this is the second strangest photobucket/flicker dankk rob has sent me today……


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THIS WEEK IN TERROR PART 2: inflight security eased…

CHICAGO/WASHINGTON (weed steeler mid east  travel office) – seeing as we are the only publication in this city with multiple offices across the country, and send or contributors on regular trips i figured we would offer some Post terror airline content……. also. fuck jet blue.

The U.S. Transportation Security Administration (TSA) will now give air captains discretion over when commercial airline passengers can move about the cabin and what they can have on their laps. Continue reading

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NFL Week 17: Finals Week

Week 16 featured all sorts of insanity that only the final two weeks of the regular season can provide. Many teams will be phonining it in this week after having their playoff balloon bubble get popped. Despite all the teams that are out of the running and teams that are resting their starters there are still teams trying to clinch and make a run at it. I really hate the teams that rest their stars because it is virtually impossible to pick a clear winner with reason.

Colts (14-1)/ Bills (5-10)- this game will be utter garbage. Bills will win because Colts will have their children starting.

Steelers (8-7)/ Dolphins (7-8)- I was trying to understand the playoff hunt in the AFC and I can safely say I don’t care. Steelers need a win, 3 teams to lose, an eclipse and a cure for cancer to get in the playoffs. They’ll get the win but that’s it.

Patriots (10-5)/ Texans (8-7)- if Pats rest their starters, Texans.

Bears (*-*)/ Lions (2-13)- Hopelessness. Despair. Fuck it man, I’m so against the Cutler and the Bears it’s not even funny. Lions.

Falcons (8-7)/ Buccaneers (3-12)- sports equivalent of people who celebrate the birthdays of dead children. Weird and unecesary. Falcons.

49ers (7-8)/ Rams (1-14)- Rams don’t start their starters either to ensure a 1st pick in the draft. I doubt they would do that but I would! Niners.

Jaguars (7-8)/ Browns (4-11)- lake effect snow machine puts the hurt on the Jags. Maybe the first time I’ve picked Clevo this season, Browns.

Saints (13-2)/ Panthers (7-8)- does this have any implication in 1st/2nd seed? I’m still leaning Saints but I suspect a good game.

Giants (8-7)/ Vikings (*-*) same question as above. Vikes.

Ravens (8-7)/ Raiders (5-10)- Ravens need this to secure a spot. Raiders will put up a big fight and not just beating up women and staff. They will play actual sports. Ravens in a retardedly close match.

Chiefs (3-12)/ Broncos (8-7)- I want the Chiefs to win this soooo bad just to dump all over the false Broncos. I don’t think my christmas wish will come true.

Packers (10-5)/ Cardinals (10-5)- I’m going Packers in a game that will likely occur again next week in the playoffs.

Eagles (11-4)/ Cowboys (10-5)- I like the Eagles in this.

Titans (7-8)/ Seahawks (5-10)- unecesary, like the three naps I took before noon today. Titans.

Redskins (4-11)/ Chargers (12-3)- Skins are a mess like whoa. Chargers.

Bengals (10-5)/ Jets (8-7)- Bengals will likely rest starters so Jets are fighting for their lives. Tune in and watch Rex Ryan sweat grease from his forhead, wipe bread on it and eat it. Jets.

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Weed$teeler dot com would like to congratulate senator Max Baucus; A real man who’s not afraid to ride the biggest wave, even on the senate floor



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at this point ive been aware of street wear for ten years.

not on purpose…..

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“Twenty-three-year-old Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab allegedly tried to set off an explosive device sewn to his underwear as the airliner came in to land, but was stopped by passengers and crew.

There are 500,000 names on the screening list so simply being on it does not prevent anyone from flying into the US.”

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