Weedsteeler Trend Report Spring 2010: GRAPHIC TEE’S

it seems like everyone in my age group is a graphic t-shirt snob, yet most of the time their taste seems very misinformed.  as a real life graphic t-shirt designer i think it is my duty to give a little insight into what to look for in a t-shirt.  loyal readers and creepy internet trolls i give you the weedsteeler trend report vol. 2

to the untrained eye, this guy has all the bases covered. “rock t-shirt” “photographic imagery” and to top it off the scale on the graphic just screams “im hip!”.  The problem with the above choice of graphic is failure to remember that a graphic t-shirt is the one piece of clothing that you can actually make a statement  that is pretty hard to misunderstand.   Everyone knows that tons people like morrissey, and probably even more people like the smiths, but like many musicians, my  man morrissey can be very polarizing.  this shirt would have been a perfect choice for going to a suburban coffee shop with a beautiful young woman who secretly likes to cut her arms and rip out chunks of her own hair.  he could probably fondle a member of MS13’s girlfriend in this and be forgiven no questions asked.  if this kid would have taken into consideration that he would be hanging out with NEO-NAZI’s and dressed accordingly, he would not be bleeding all over his hip new t-shit.  he probably would have done better with a shirt like this…


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4 responses to “Weedsteeler Trend Report Spring 2010: GRAPHIC TEE’S

  1. schinzel

    I like this post

  2. x-MANx

    Sick blood for blood tattoo. And wanabe Andrew wk there has a sick moz shirt. Looks way cool with blood on it too.

  3. hurley

    So what you’re trying to say is?

  4. dirtnap

    All i’m trying to say is, “Thanks”

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