South American Street Art

I love it when people rip off folk art and then accidentally become a folk artist themselves without realizing it.  Below are some prime examples of Contemporary South American Folk Art that could also fall into the category “street art”, if that was in fact a valid art movement.



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2 responses to “South American Street Art

  1. martinhugo

    street art was relevant in 2002. in 2010 i dont think it matters anymore unless your on of the big six (obey, twist,banksy, espo,reas, keith harring, or some of the other deitch affiliates i guess). right now we can look at street arts commodification in the form of street wear (i feel this hasnt been relevant since 03/04? but you could argue me on that point as its probably a billion dollar industry right now). i think in the next 5 years we are going to be able to see a massive shift in the downtown culture of nyc (where all of this stuff came from essentially, ill site: vice irak deitch and there affiliates like supreme and alife for pushing it to the for front of global culture).
    artist should constantly re invent themselves and be hungry to bring something new to the table. when you dont you become irrelevant. art is about experimenting not taking someone else’s formula and doing it to death. biting is not the same as being influenced by.

  2. martinhugo

    ps. these images are amazing!

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