Community gossip.

A man from a community known as ‘Russia’ in Old Harbour, St Catherine, who only three days ago sported a head full of natty dreadlocks, has become the joke of the town after he was held down at gun point and trimmed for money he owed. heard this story from a corporal at the Old Harbour Police Station yesterday. “This is the joke everybody from the community talking about,” the corporal said.

It is said that both men were chicken farmers and had been doing business for some three years. However, last year one of the men, “IVAN”, decided to do his own thing and took a loan from his business partner.

Last month the two reportedly had an argument as to when the loan would be repaid. “Well he admitted that he was taking long to pay back the money and said he was truly going through some difficulties,” the corporal explained.

THE STAR heard that on Friday, the two got involved in another argument and “IVAN” was promised a new look, if he did not pay up by the following day.

On Saturday night it was said that “IVAN” was paid a visit at his home by at least three men who pointed guns at him and his wife and held him down then shaved off his natty dreadlocks.

“IVAN” subsequently visited the police station and made a report before going to a barbershop. He is now a bald head. The corporal said police will be speaking with the alleged ‘trimmer’.

Some residents believe the man deserved the trim while others are more sympathetic.

“Bway all now people a laugh bout it … Of course yu have people weh sorry fi him eno but most a did people dem a say a dat him fi get cause him did fi gi di man him money long time,” one resident said.


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