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27 responses to “YOU GUYS NEED A STYLIST

  1. mediocre columbus

    Just because we like to keep it generic doesn’t mean you are allowed to make fun of us.

    If you haven’t noticed, Columbus has completely regressed into a land of outdated trends that were never good in the first place.

    I fail to see why we are being singled out.

  2. brandon

    Who fucking cares that Columbus has outdated trends? What does that have to do with anything about looking stupid? When middle schoolers suffering from parkinsons dress like you do it clearly signifies you need to burn your wardrobe.

  3. This Just In

    I’m black and I love electro.

    Proper rudeboy.

  4. martinhugo

    generic is a white t by hanes and some 501’s.
    generic would be considered a good look.

    you can thank us for the free press weve already given you later.

  5. Pale Horse

    Yeah actually this is the best press you’ve ever gotten.

  6. if by generic you mean hot topic

  7. “our electro scene” – not to be the dude-brah here, but you look and sound gay as fuck. and thats just gay.

  8. boosh

    talk shit get hit son…racist shit? really? how old are you

  9. Honoree

    Making up racist comments to bring hate upon someone else is yet another trend we will not be following. We appreciate the love guys. Keep up the good work. šŸ™‚

  10. Mayormccheese

    Why won’t my wife let me fuck? I really want to perform intercourse on her. She said she got gas, im trying to fuck in her butthole. Why her not sex me?

  11. Honoree

    P.S. Well done on labeling us with a derogatory word on Twitter, while attempting to justify your false claims of us using such things on Twitter.

    Makes sense, a Twitter account with barely any Followers, such as ours, based solely around tweets relating to music and events against an account/blog based solely around stirring up controversy.

    At least you’ve found the right tools for success.

  12. in addition to being successful with our blog we are all very successful with our careers and business ventures, if you’d like i can forward some our resumes and letters of recommendation?

  13. NYC office

    I agree that these boys could use a make over. I would feel very uncomfortable knowing i was listening to any music made by people with such poor dress sense. I normally refuse to listen to music by anyone with poor bone structure and i feel that there is something seemingly transcendent that can be experienced in the music made by men possessing a strong jaw line.

  14. Honkeytonk

    Is that Justin Rose?
    No electromo.
    Fuck your garbage exsistence.

  15. whatevs

    You wouldn’t listen to someone’s music who is wearing a 10 Deep hat and shirt? You’re fucking idiot.

    Weedsteeler, you need a fucking life, bro. Making up lies that you know are lies in order to defame someone’s reputation is called libel… which is looked down upon in the court of law. And furthermore, allowing posting of such things as “Iā€™d rethink your future shows in Columbus. Probably not safe anymore” is clearly a threat of harassment and/or violence. This shit will be on record as evidence if anything does happen to these guys.

    Also, I’m sure they appreciate the publicity… because in the business of entertainment, “any publicity is good publicity.”

    You all are a bunch of morons. Grow the fuck up.

  16. WSforpussies

    No one gives a fuck what your “weedsteeler” crew thinks..already sound lik som amateurs from everything I’ve read so far and I’m sure none of u have any credibility to ur names whatsoever. What the fuck do u guys do for music in columbus? O wait uve got resumes and references that certify ur credibility right?haha I would laugh at them I’m sure..Hot mess are amazing producers and djs regardless of what u say.I’m sure we would all like to see you try to start shit at a show so we can see who all the idiots in this crew really are

  17. brandon

    Great post…dad.

  18. we have several lawyers on retainer and they’re all jewish

  19. martinhugo

    this toooo funny!

  20. We'd steal her

    You’re about 5 years late on the whole dubstep thing, you were probably still a juggalo back then huh?

    We are the unseen hand in Columbus, anything significant that you will try and accomplish goes through our affiliates in some way. Best of luck though..

  21. dckareem

    you have been blacklisted -no pun intended

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