Son….I am disappoint


Does violent J work pro-bono?



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7 responses to “Son….I am disappoint

  1. martinhugo

    come on leave these kidas alone….come find me at barneys

  2. lmao

    Get a life, son.

  3. Honoree

    Now this is more like it! I was hoping someone would dig into pictures from years ago… Sadly, I have never painted my face. If you’d like, I could whip that up in Photoshop?

    Side Note: Did you know you can sell those charms for double the original price now?

  4. Weedsteeler legal team

    No libel issues here…

    Continue to defame at will.

  5. burbsuvworthington

    nick reed is a ratty piece of shit lameo

    anyone associated with said whiny faggot = lameo


    keep losing at life kids!

  6. Is that who I think it is? What is the story with you two? I’m not sure if you hate each other… Or you’re old bros who hung out and Super Mario Karted the shit out of other 8-years-olds.

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