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  1. AGYNESS DEYN stumbles on the fashion runway.

    French skier Marion Rolland trips and falls out of the starting gate at the Vancouver Winter Olympics.

    Do these two incidents mean anything?

    Has feminism pushed women to their limits?

    Is the next generation of women powerful, intelligent and clumsy?

  2. Should there be safety requirements for fashion runways and ski slopes?

    How about design standards?

    Should the standards be enforced by state of federal government?

    Perhaps the standards should be set by an international safety commission created by the UN?

    I think these athletes need protection. Write your Congressman today.

  3. Walking on slush covered sidewalk today, I am fifteen feet behind another pedestrian. He passes a woman walking toward me just as she slips on a patch of ice. To try to gain balance, she lets go of her brief case and purse and they fly toward me. The woman collapses on the other man who breaks her fall. I pick up her purse and briefcase. The other man gets to his feet and helps the woman to her feet. She thanks me and the other man.

    No injury to any of us and we all resume our separate journeys.

  4. Michelle Obama. What happens if she is infected with this flu of female clumsiness? How will the flu present itself?

    Perhaps she’ll stumble over a Burger King Big Whopper during a rant against childhood obesity?

    Perhaps she’ll trip on her burq’a while begging an Iranian official to release the American hikers held captive in Tehran.

  5. I was at a cocktail party this evening. Another guest, a woman, tripped on loose rug. She fell to the floor. No injury other than to her pride, I suppose.

    Is a pattern developing? Or, is this just coincidence?

  6. Is all this clumsiness really disguised acts of violence against women? We just haven’t identified the people causing the violence.

    The more I look at the AGYNESS DEYN falls in the video, the more suspicious I become. In the first fall, note how a second model in the foreground, walking away from the camera, blocks recording of what happens. And in the second fall, note the small white object (one of several in the image) that is near AGYNESS’s elbow. Also the visual clutter in the upper right center doesn’t make sense if this is just an innocent fall. I think this video might capture two attempts on AGYNESS’ life.

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