ok ok ok

so like last night i went to see a lecture by weedsteeler darlings slavs and tatars like i know our readers are familiar i guess it was supposed to be at like SVA but that place got snowed in bruh nyc has been an icey mistress since i got here and like the lecture got moved to to the bruce high quality university space south of my favorite street shouts to that “lewis vitton” “rollex” and “goochi” but anyways…….got there-n-copped a set in a fairly raw space….feeln j as uge not jay and nyc art filled the place lots of black which im realizing im not wearing enough black especially as its slimming and im the biggest ive been so more black in the spring but that another story back to slavs and tatars…


they gave a vague meandering talk that was about some piece they did in 032c and a few other pieces theyve worked on and like used power point to project some images love there images so i would have been entertained regardless ive always thought power point was a dreadful program but i do like the idea of using bad technology and breaking rules of good judgment and i understand the importance of making poor design decisions more so than like anyone it was an especially nice touch when they interrupted the presentation with a youtube of some vintage rock or like iranian pop or maybe it was polish can someone send me a link to it like i guess i like would have remembered if like i was taking notes like all the nerds that were like sitting around me and i mean why was everyone laughing? i though it was a tight song?….but i mean like i was more interested in checking them as out they where way to good looking for the crowd i mean i took note black single pleats you know like i dont think im tall enough to do that but ima try bruh and dude was busting a tuck but not a tuck like that dude wasnt acting the opposite and her i mean nah cant remember what she was doing besides looking drop dead outrageous im kinda feeln ice white skin and going off that fake back orange that like ive been loving for years on some master race shit but anyways like im totally getting off topic and i guess i should get back to the lecture….


what ever….. so let me skip to the fun part


so like they opened it up for questions and a couple of nerds asked questions that kinda felt like they thought the slavs were foo-gay-zee… im spelling it like that so i dont think im trying to say that waiting room band god they were dull im trying to be on my mobster shit……… and wanted to “ho” them out a bit i mean like i did feel embarrassed for the question askers those lames were coming of as having a chips on shoulders on some highschool nerd who didnt get over it shit….and i just wanted some font names so i could get to knocking off but figured it would be poor taste to ask….

…….but really like why didnt i or anyone thing to ask what they looked at for inspiration and how they thought was killing it as far a design goes? and who do they have beef with? shit i wish i had thought of this stuff when i was there!

…..all in all keep up the good work fuck the lames stay sickkk stay drugs stay satan…….


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