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lulz what’s your favorite type of cheese? ;D


I’ve heard the advice “The best offense is a good defense.” How in the world can I apply that to my rapes?

Even though rape is classically considered a sexual offense, it is of the utmost importance to apply defensive strategies to be a successful serial rapist. Without the aid of any sedatives such as Flunitrazepam (most commonly marketed under the name Rohypnol), most rape victims have the tendency of putting considerable effort into warding off a pursuer. In order to avert these efforts made by the victim, defensive stratagems invoke the use of tasers, ether/chloroform, mace/pepper spray, and several methods of disorientation. The rape devotee will assume his/her victim is equipped with any of the aforementioned items and ultimately “fight fire with fire.” After properly sizing up, these defensive stratagems coupled with a conscientious alertness ensure gaining the upper hand in order to assert complete and total control over the victim.

y are you so fucking awesome?

Eugenics, selective breeding

Im pretty sure i gave my girlfriend AIDS, she doesn’t know i have it. she is all sick and i tell her its just a cold and to drink more nyquil. should i just kick the bitch to the curb?

AIDS is caused by the Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) and can only be transmissible therein via mucous membranes or the bloodstream coming in contact with HIV infected bodily fluids. If you have full blown AIDS and are sexually active with her, she may very well have contracted HIV. However, some women will feign an illness for attention. AIDS being a terminal illness means your imminent departure and places you in the limelight. Whether or not she is HIV positive, she will most likely have difficulty accepting the attention you receive and the frivolity the end of your life will bring. They say you should live every day as if it were your last. Start hitting the bug party circuit where you will always be the guest of honor: the gift giver.


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