A teenager stomped her high heel shoes on a stranger’s face, knocking out his teeth because he called her a slut.

The 17-year-old total shit maniac walked calmly over to the man, who was lying on a train station platform, and slammed her foot down on his head. heard the extremely intoxicated man had been running around Brisbane’s Roma Street Station platform, chasing and harassing women, high on opium,  in the early hours of New Year’s Day.

Prosecutor Senior Constable Adam McDonald said transit officers and police were called and the man immediately lay face-down on the platform with his hands behind his head.

The man, who works in the defence force, called Ruth Elsie Watterson a “slut” or “bad bitch” as he lay on the ground and the 17-year-old walked over and stomped on him – knocking out his teeth.

Snr Const McDonald said Watterson showed no remorse for her actions when questioned by police.

He said the man had not harassed Watterson earlier as he ran around the platform and he had little memory of the event the next day but was remorseful for his actions.

Watterson pleaded guilty to assault occasioning bodily harm and was fined $400, with no conviction recorded.

She was also ordered to pay $1000 compensation to the victim.

Magistrate Matthew McLaughlin said the victim was behaving badly on the night but did not deserve to have his “teeth kicked in”.

“This is a vicious offence,” Mr McLaughlin said.

“Any suggestion that that may be a reason for you to walk over to a drunk man – for you to stomp on his face with enough force to knock out his teeth– is just wrong.

“A slap in the face would’ve been appropriate.

“You could’ve sat there and laughed as police took him away.”

Defence lawyer Trevor Hoskin said his client did not drink but had been in South Bank for New Year’s Eve smoking opium in honor of the celebrations that night.

Mr Hoskin said the man called Watterson a nasty name and she overreacted.

“It’s a pretty nasty thing to be told – a 17-year-old sitting there, minding her own business,” Mr Hoskin said.

Mr Hoskin said the man was also fined $400 for his nuisance behaviour on the night.


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