Soooooo, Last night … real late at night, State Sen. ROY ASHBURN (R-CALIF.) was pulled over and arrested for drunk driving.  normally not a big deal, i mean, all politypes are functioning alcoholics (waddup mayor plusquellic)… anyway, its no big deal that homeboy got pulled over for drunk driving… but it is kinda a big deal that Mr Ashburn was pulled over DRIVING DRUNK while leaving a HOMOSEXUAL NIGHT CLUB (gaybar)… oh yeah, when he was pulled over (driving a state owned car… probably a lincoln) there was an “UNIDENTIFIED MAN” riding shotgun…  oh i almost forgot… the best part about this whole SCANDAL is that Sen. ASHBURN is a fierce opponent of GAY RIGHTS…. at this point it looks like homeboy is just FIERCE.


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One response to “MEGA PAUSE

  1. Milky

    Why is everyone saying “fierce” all of the sudden? It’s getting to be as annoying as “sick”, “brutal”, and “try hard”.

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