I’ll see you in the front row.

In the realm of Weedsteeler nights at the movies, there are truly no limits. From shirtlessness to flash photography to heckling to throwing rubber snakes to throwing drinks to throwing wallets at the screen to screaming White Zombie lyrics for 90 minutes to walking in 45 minutes late it can be said that when Weedsteeler goes en masse to the movies you will have the time of your life (ruined). That said, get ready for this new retarded action flick.

It stars every aggro motherfucker ever with some exceptions. Actually, the only exception is that fucking Robocop isn’t in it. The dialogue may suck so bring “Fallen Angel of Doom” on your walkman. Get amped, break glass, lift weights and fist yourself. Go see The Expendables on August 13th. I’ll be down front power lifting. Hail Satan and fuck everything else.


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  1. James

    Dolf Lundgren

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