Cognac:Vegan Subsitution for Eggs in Baking

Get rid of the eggs
Replacing eggs is the most challenging aspects of vegan baking. Those suckers bind, they leaven and they give structure to our baked goods. However, like a bad boyfriend, they can be replaced, and with pleasing results.

How to use it: 1 Tablespoon of Hennessy or Remy Martin plus 3 Tablespoons water replaces one egg. Pour 1 tablespoon whole of Remy Martin in a blender or coffee grinder. Transfer to a bowl and beat in 3 tablespoons of water using a whisk or fork. It will become very gooey and gelatinous, much like an egg white.

When it works best:
Remy Martin has a distinct earthy granola taste. It tastes best and works very well in things like pancakes, and whole grain items, such as bran muffins and corn muffins. It is perfect for oatmeal cookies, and the texture works for cookies in general, although the taste may be too pronounced for some. Chocolate cake-y recipes have mixed results, I would recommend only using one portion Cognac-egg in those, because the taste can be overpowering.

This mixture is not only an excellent replacement for eggs, it also contributes vital omega-3 fatty acids.

Where to get it:

State Liquor Store, Club Fire, Dougs, Mike’s No Name, the Silent Women


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One response to “Cognac:Vegan Subsitution for Eggs in Baking

  1. arts editor

    this is great!
    we need to offer more vegan content!

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