first heard this track on the “ska sucks” comp and can sing the whole first verse at any point if you ask me to.

who doesnt fuck with that bass line ?

this next joint was the other one shawn and i liked…and with the resurgence of bed bugs in nyc i think it is very timely!



Filed under gooder than a ma'fucker, trying to stay punk in a corporate landscape

5 responses to “CHOKING VICTIM

  1. mike thorn had all their 7″s!!!!! I was so jealous, he probably didn’t understand…

  2. arts editor

    time to go on ebay and re-buy our childhood.

  3. andyhams

    they did some shit on those give em the boot comps. loved that shit.

  4. infested was my skate anthem in 8th grade / freshman year. hittin’ lane and kenny recently was a sobering moment… ridin’ a board =/= just like ridin’ a bike.

    somehow i came across a not-so-sweet mp3 of suicide a couple years ago in my ‘hunt for shit i was way into in high school.’ youtube rendering quality at that! i got jip’d.

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