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Is sex slavery a myth?

Sex slavery, also called “white slavery,” is quite real. In some parts of the world, raptio and bride kidnapping is even an enculturated practice.

In many cultures ranging from East Asia, Central Asia, Sub-Saharan Africa, Europe, and Mesoamerica, there are common cultural practices of bride kidnapping. The processes vary, but often have subsisted as traditions for securing mates through exploiting cultural views. In many instances, a man of low social status due to poverty, criminality, or disease will attempt to kidnap, rape, and impregnate a woman in order to violate social stigmas of premarital sex. This stigma typically limits the eligibility of marriage for the victim, procuring her as a wife and potential personal sex slave due to the patriarchal nature of the society.

Yet, there is also larger scale commercial sex slavery. This form of sex slavery often encompasses the abduction and human trafficking of women and sometimes children, placing the victims into situations of forced prostitution and personal sex slaves. Typically the source countries of the human trafficking is from economically impoverished regions and areas of unrest often due to corruption, war, or natural disaster to other more affluent countries, usually those with lax prostitution laws and enforcement. Sometimes this practice merely takes place within a corrupt government system which conspires to cover up the practice, yet mostly an international underground is involved in the movement of sex slaves to all parts of the globe. Underground human trafficking varies in the magnitude of the system. In some cases, organizations are integrated to manage all aspects of the the system, such as in the former Soviet Bloc countries, Hong Kong, Japan, and Colombia. These tend to be tied to larger criminal organizations such as the Yakuza and drug cartels as they firmly possess the resources and infrastructure for the movement of controlled substances. Yet in many other cases, smaller groups work in tandem such that one handles recruiting victims, one transporting, and so on. In some cases, this underground system networks with corrupt governments. In any case, there is rarely any prosecution of human trafficking.

According to the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime, the most common sources of victims of the white slavery trade originate in countries including: Thailand, China, Nigeria, Albania, Bulgaria, Belarus, Moldova and Ukraine. Thailand, Japan, Israel, Belgium, the Netherlands, Germany, Italy, Turkey and the US serve as some of the top destinations for human trafficking. Nonetheless, once appropriated by an affording patriarch, the woman (or child) is then placed in a role of domestic servitude and provides sexual services.

The only potential myth about sex slavery is the legend from antiquity The Rape of the Sabine Women.

Why I don’t have girlfriend?

Based on the manner in which you have posed your question, your lacking a command of the English language makes it difficult for women in this country to access your money. Of course, that assumes that you have any money.

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Come find me goddamn it.

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tlvk eht retne: ITANIMULLIRK$

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Pictures of Freakey in Columbus Over the Weekend

So im drunk sat at a party saturday politely not giving a what,,,i run into this jawn who startles me at first cause she has “dig yourself” tattooeed  on her wrist…after signs lead to dylan conversations and not worst case scenero we segue to diddy bop to jackson 5 and convesations about doo wop and whathave you.

jawn takes me outside to talk to a indie rock locking dood in a wheelchair…like  ‘this dood does hip hop videos you rapper blogger type jump-off’

bet i thought i was hwic at the moment due to some filming that i had done over the weekend. but nurp and double nurp because dood in wheelchair was like werrd…just got back from this trey songs thing.

now, you know like trey songs invented sex.

. we chop it up about equiptment that i know nothing about but had self-interest in the inquiry.

anyway. morning..we become internet friends.

dood posts this pictures of zeke he shot in columbus over the weekend on fb

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Dear Weed$teeler

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do you speak chicken talk?

“Chicken talk” is a term used to signify a topic of discussion deemed taboo. However, for nearly 60 years, a physician from Wiedenau, Germany, Dr. Erich Baeumer has been studying chickens. As covered in numerous news publications, Baeumer says that he has made a list of 30 sentences which are part of a spoken international chicken language, be it an Indian Jungle fowl, a Russian Orloff rooster, an Italian Leghorn, a Cornish cock or a New Hampshire Red. Baeumer was only eight when he realised that he could understand the chickens around his house. He claims that he began to spend hours with chickens in his childhood as he came to understand them around the age of 8. He learned to imitate their sounds so well that he was accepted as a full-fledged member of the flock. Yet as he aged, when his voice changed the chickens began to break off communication with him. In 1954, he started working with Professor Erich von Hoist at the Institute of Behaviour Physiology near Munich. Chickens were photographed and recorded repeatedly . After recording hours of chicken talk, Dr. Baeumer selected examples of clear-cut chicken “sentences” that could be related to records or photographs of specific actions.

Dr. Baeumer’s chicken talk tapes have been played at universities in many countries. Both sexes make “frightened” cackles when first they sense danger. After the danger passes, their cackling is full-throated and rhythmical. Hens make a cackle when they have laid an egg. He believes that it all goes back to the days when wild hens laid eggs in hidden nests. After each delivery, the hen gave a loud cackle to regain contact with the rest of the flock. Chickens make screams of distress; they have battle cries and calls for privacy. Hens lead their chicks to food with a gentle “Tuck-tuck-tuck,” and roosters entice pretty young hens with soft cooing. According to Baeumer’s opinion, chicken behaviour is not too different from human behavior nor is chicken talk.

In any case, in the first metaphorical use of chicken talk, all members of Weedsteeler are fluent and readily practice chicken talk. The latter sense of the term is questionable.

Why can’t someone have their cake and eat it too?

To eat one’s cake is to no longer have it, and therefore the statement is an invocation of the law of the excluded middle, a law of classical logic that limits the range of possibility to the truth of a given proposition or the truth of the proposition’s negation. However, it must be considered that the logical expression has the ramifications of imposing the semantic principles of bivalence and contravalence; simply put, the statement must be either true or false. Yet, to eat cake can be semantically ambiguous and does not of necessity imply that all cake is eaten – cake does not cease to be cake by the mere process of eating until the cake is completely gone. Yet even still, it is questionable as to where a line of demarcation may be drawn between some signifiers such as “cake”, “crumb”, “vomit”, “feces” and other potential transformations of the cake to signify essential cessation. Supposing some but not all of the cake is eaten, would then defy this order of classical logic and further serve as a counterexample to invalidate the referenced proverb. So, it is perfectly cogent for at a given time to have cake and eat it too.

how can i tell if homeboy is liking it?

Please refer to this answer:

can man walk on water?

Yes, it is called ice.

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n words stay bumping pun like it was me-n-sk at karen’s for lunch nahmean?

funkmaster holler at me on that saturday night ish…

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i never understood why grubby hipsters always thought pabst blue ribbon was so cool.i never understood why there was such brand loyality. i never understood why people who are supposed to be smart enough to not act like a lamb being lead to slaughter would shill to a corporation so unabashedly, as this group of  poorly dressed liberal post graduates do. anyways we all know if its big in nyc it takes mmmm about three to four seasons before columbus has seen it on enough blogs and in enough magazines to understand it…except in the case of weedsteeler staff who have generally  been 7 seasons ahead of london…but enough about “WE” …. lets talk boooooze

all that being said…this weekend i witnessed some new developments in the world of  post-ironic trend beer. colt 45 in a can.

it was being served at the rogan party for the noho design district thing that our friends sight unseen had a hand in……and also in the pollock infested neighborhood greenpoint at the silver apples show….both very trendy events on opposite spectrums…..

so i suggest you guys drop the blue ribbon and be early adopters


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