Nassau is a Dipset City

So I just got back from the Bahamas. I went on some dirt cheap travel joint (priceline, one love). I would never turn this into a food or travel blog but let me make sure you know what is really good in Nassau.

First, when hitting up downtown Nassau be sure to swing by the police station. I know, I know, POLICE STATION? Nah man, prisoners were hanging out ON THE PORCH of the police station and walking around talking with their mans’nthem. Meanwhile, cops were hanging out on the porch shooting the breeze. Also be on the lookout for the drunk dude in a fake police uniform. His badge will read “Deputy of Tourism”. He will give you passes for some free cracked conch. He may get you dusted too.

Second, Nassau is a Dipset City. How do I know? Well, on the quest for some food I went to Twin Brothers in Arawak Cay. There are two of them within 100 feet of one another. One is touristy and the other looks like an unassuming Mexican resturant on Hamilton Rd. The menus are the same and despite being 100 feet of one another the two of them don’t have everything on their menu. Weird. If you wanna hang out with fat uncles and ignorant suburbanites go to the touristy one. While eating at the non-touristy one at 3pm the dj played Cam’ron “suck it or not”, Three Six Mafia “who run it?” and “Santana’s Town” back to back to back. The 3CB djays would be bigger than christ in this place.

Getting around Nassau is easy. There are taxis everywhere and busses that run during the day along Bay St. If you want to play real life Crazy Taxi look for a black Freddy Kreuger or some wild skinny dude that knows more about US politics than CNN. They are not afraid to drive 4000 mph and sing Ludacris at top volume while eating candy bars in less than 4 seconds.

Busses are alright and cost $1.25. Look for the bus drivers riding around with their kids because it will be on some wild shit. You may see a spelling bee or you may encounter the driver stopping at the gas station so his kids can piss in the bushes.

Finally, and most importantly get to the beach. There will be people peddling stuff all over. Ignore them but look out for the kid that looks 15 with a tattoo on his face and tons of gold jewelry selling alcohol. He’s a cool dude.



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3 responses to “Nassau is a Dipset City

  1. weedsteeler

    people really know how to party the closer you get to the equator.

    no rules…

  2. bad idea

    the prime meridian = gay

  3. wes flexner

    we need to boost up our travel sexttion. thhis waz wonderful;

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