when rappers fall off…

when B.o.B’s first mixtape came out, shawn gave it to me and i pretty much listened to it all the time…  at some point i stopped listening to it and forgot about it… anyway.  B.o.B now has some sort of pop hit or something… i dunno, i saw his album was out and downloaded it… ten minutes later i deleted it.. that mix tape was pretty amazing, kinda my first taste of the so called “new atlanta”…  im thinking kids who grew up listening to too much outkast and too much young jeezy, not enough DJ UNK, not enough DJ Monté, not enough D4L… etc etc…

the best thing that atlanta has done for rap is making it socially acceptable to have bizzzzare ad-libs (jeezy? gucci?)  anyway, this song has tons of ad-libs of someone just saying “Oh-Kay” after every line, for whatever reason that blows my mind…

here are someother songs….

thanks to marty for this one…

and this…


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