Pictures of Freakey in Columbus Over the Weekend

So im drunk sat at a party saturday politely not giving a what,,,i run into this jawn who startles me at first cause she has “dig yourself” tattooeed  on her wrist…after signs lead to dylan conversations and not worst case scenero we segue to diddy bop to jackson 5 and convesations about doo wop and whathave you.

jawn takes me outside to talk to a indie rock locking dood in a wheelchair…like  ‘this dood does hip hop videos you rapper blogger type jump-off’

bet i thought i was hwic at the moment due to some filming that i had done over the weekend. but nurp and double nurp because dood in wheelchair was like werrd…just got back from this trey songs thing.

now, you know like trey songs invented sex.

. we chop it up about equiptment that i know nothing about but had self-interest in the inquiry.

anyway. morning..we become internet friends.

dood posts this pictures of zeke he shot in columbus over the weekend on fb


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One response to “Pictures of Freakey in Columbus Over the Weekend

  1. m.

    damn. hope he drops a new mixtape….

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