Ruining OKCupid

After sending the above message, I was alerted that “ClamSlam” was viewing my profile. I then initiated the following conversation via the built-in instant messaging (length warning):



Filed under livin' la vida loca, sexual harassment, skeleton touching,, white girls

10 responses to “Ruining OKCupid

  1. brandon

    I think she is that woman who was attacked and disfigured by a chimp.

  2. thegrip

    dude i saw that chimp lady on oprah or something. what a trainwreck.

  3. thegrip

    BTW Andy I’m pretty sure this can turn into a book deal.

  4. zippered pee hole

    Andy, this is the girl for you. This is the new Junxo.

  5. zippered pee hole

    also…at least the 2nd girl to assume that you are a god. unreal

  6. andrew marc

    she deleted her profile today. that makes 2.

  7. brandon

    Shoulda got her address, send her some hair. You are the new white god.

  8. andrew marc

    Does that mean Varg is going to make an album about me?

  9. andrew marc

    Correction: after reviewing my message history, six girls have deleted their accounts after I contacted them.

  10. The triller

    Dude you pretty much have that shit on lock. She’s saying mad rApmetal things to win your affection but be yourself and not rapmetal back. Unless she’s fat

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