who’s going to cop a blood diamond with me?

weedsteeler africa desk :HARARE, Zimbabwe (AP) — Zimbabwe’s president said Tuesday his nation will sell its massive reserves of diamonds despite not receiving authorization from the world’s diamond control body.

A defiant President Robert Mugabe on Tuesday told lawmakers diamond sales have “huge potential” to revive the shattered economy. He said Zimbabwe can account for one-fourth of the world’s diamond supply.

The Kimberley Process diamond certification scheme has not authorized international sales amid allegations of killings, human rights violations and corruption in the massive diamond fields discovered in eastern Zimbabwe in 2006.

“No one should doubt our resolve to sell our diamonds,” Mugabe told lawmakers at the ceremonial opening of the Parliament in Harare.


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One response to “who’s going to cop a blood diamond with me?

  1. steak

    You might be able to swap fully automatic firearms for a baseball sized joint. Baseball in the park, knocking diamonds out the park. I’m Babe Ruth, bitch. I call all the shots.

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