Artist Spotlight: Malevolent Creation

Malevolent Creation has been writing death metal jams since the late 80’s. They play Florida influenced death metal. I stand by the first two albums as not landmark albums but rather meat and potatoes type of death metal. The first two definetly have numerous memorable songs, in all honesty I haven’t heard anything past the 3rd album.

As a band, they are known for three big things. First, Dan Seagrave artwork. If you know anything about 90’s death metal, you know that if you had Seagrave on board, you would sell units. The first three albums, each on Roadrunner, feature Seagrave work.

Second, after they left Roadrunner the band made a major misstep. They signed with Crash and eventually Pavement which are known to be the Koch of the metal world. With that misstep came the dropping of the “n-bomb” on the album, Eternal in the song “They Breed.” Who fucking knows what they were thinking? Here is an interview where they get fucked with and certainly don’t do any favors for themselves.

Third, the guitarist, Phil Fasciana went to the news with a story that he killed a crackhead who was attempting to hold up a store. Well, it was a lie. I’ve seen plenty of crackheads who can’t even afford shoe laces so what one was doing with two guns is anyone’s guess.

Malevolent Creation will play at the Billiard Club 911 Dublin Granville Rd on Monday 8/30. Doors are at 6 and it costs $6! Maybe if you bring some crackheads to the show Phil will kill them?



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2 responses to “Artist Spotlight: Malevolent Creation

  1. fuck yes….im going to show up with a “they breed” shirt on and stand in the front “row”

  2. arts editor

    i strongly suggest reading the interview brandon linked…..
    dying laughing~!!!!!!!

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