Sick of watching Jerry Revish…

well, fuck that old man and turn the tv off. Who needs that fruit Cabot Rea anyhow? The worldwide news shift is coming from Asia. Those Asians are next level with their hardcore, eel porn, gameshows and ramen noodle packaging. They can now add next level news to the list. Follow Lindsay Lohan’s trials and tribulations using dated video game technology.



Filed under a bitch'll get you killed thats the way i think, a bright tan future, a certain type of gym, A gentle lover, a lesson you should never learn the hard way., a must cop, a past life, a woman trapped in a mans body, actual news, addiction to the wild, alienating loved ones, almost dead, anal sex, asians, at least he isn't just playing x-box, beast mode, Better learn chinese, better than Arena Football, bitches who fight, biting vaginas, bizarre sex life, Cabot Rea

4 responses to “Sick of watching Jerry Revish…

  1. andrew marc

    The Chinese have really stepped their game up. Japan and North Korea have dominated the Asian buffoonery for so long, it’s about time.

  2. brandon

    Teabagger Rally holy shit.
    Holy shit, this whole thing is nuts.

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