“He was a good friend of mine. he was definently crazy and this is the way he would have wanted to go unfortunately.”


MARYSVILLE, Ohio — Authorities have identified the man who was shot and killed Tuesday during a pursuit with sheriff’s deputies in Union County.Ricky Diamond Jr. was fatally shot at a subdivision near Darby Drive, investigators said.At about 6 p.m

deputies were called to Diamond’s home in northern Union County on a domestic dispute call, weedsteeler’s twiiter reported.Authorities said Diamond fled the home in his pickup, leading deputies on a chase that lasted nearly 20 minutes. Diamond eventually pulled into the subdivision, exited his pickup and started shooting at pursuing deputies, investigators said.

The deputies returned fire, killing him.Ben Wright said he witnessed the altercation.”I see them hit the back of his truck.  He got out and shot at somebody,” Wright said.

“I saw however many cops there were all unload their guns into him.”Two deputies were killed during the ordeal, apparently from head shots. The Union County Sheriff’s office was expected to release additional information about the shooting on Wednesday.


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32 responses to “SUICIDE BY COP EDITION: Ricky Diamond Jr: RIP MY N

  1. Justin

    He was a good friend of mine. he was definently crazy and this is the way he would have wanted to go unfortunantly


    much respect, justin.

  3. Whit

    This is bull shit no cop was killed. Rick did not stop on his own, stop sticks were used to blow out the tires.

  4. Brittany

    no Cop was killed that is a fucking lie and he wasnt that crazy if you know him well enough

  5. Mary

    Ricky was a good friend of mine. I grew up with him. He had a big heart. That is the way that his grandmother taught him to be. His mother died several years ago from a 4 wheeler accident. So everyone did the best that they could to raise him. But i will let it be known that the Diamond family don’t go down with out a fight. So just cause he is in a better place don’t mean that karma ant going to come around for all the ppl who is talking shit about him.

  6. Justin

    Mary, Yep your right, he did have a big heart and was a great guy but piss him off or do him wrong, well lol, we both know the outcome of that. me and him ran together for a long ass time, he was there for me and supported and sctually cared when i got out of rehab, he respected that i had made a decision to stop doing drugs (heroin) and for the respect he gave me and the support he gave I will be forever greatful. my heart goes out to my good friend Karrie Neil who is just like a sister to me, Ricky was her fiance and she was in west central when all of this went down and they would not let her even go to the funeral. I was there for you Karrie, we went in mine and Ricky’s friend’s convertible Mustang rockin the red bandanna he loved so much on the antenna!

  7. Justin

    and by the way the deputies could have handled it a little better. I believe he didnt shoot first.

  8. lawdawg

    Justin you’re an idiot, he clearly jumped out of the truck and shot first if you watch the video. The officers did exactly what they were trained to do.

  9. Justin

    They didn’t have ta shhot to kill go fuck yourself!

  10. someone

    it sucks for the family that he died but ricky got what he wanted and deserved. he was a trouble maker and a druggie. this world is better off without him here. i feel sorry for his family and friends but not him. and anyone who watches the video will see the cops did what they had to do. he fired first and in an area with a lot of kids living near

  11. Bob

    Glad this punk is dead. What idiot shots off like that in a residential area. He could have killed a kid or anyone. What a selfish prick.

  12. David

    Justin — fact that he’s hanging around with heroin addicts says a lot about the company he kept. Hopefully you’re still clean. Good for you.


    None of you know anything about my brother you need to shut down this site about my brother. I am a older sister so keep it real you all don’t know half of it and his mother isn’t dead you are some dumb fucks

    • Some one

      This is from Rick Diamond…. (Little Ricky’s Dad)… Yes his real mother did die in a 4 wheeler accident… And it’s the only mother he ever had.. So that was right who said she did!!! You don’t even know half of anything your self about Little Ricky..And he said he dont need you to act like u care or u r sticking up for him.. Cuz the Diamonds they take care of there own!!! This was all from Big Ricky and his words!!!!

  14. Lisa

    Wow!!! Still to this day I keep finding stuff about my Brother… For all of you on here that new Ricky and have respect for him thanks!!! And some one said Ricky would of wanted to go out like that… I don’t agree so much on that… But I will agree to he went out with pride!!! They didn’t take him down with out a fight!!! And everyone that knows Ricky knows that’s how he rolls!!!! And some one else said they had the red band. Flying at the funeral.. Well that is amazing cuz any one truly new my baby brother new that was him!!! And us as family all wore them and flew them to!!! But shows how much Ricky had respect having friends show up with it!!!! He touched a lot of people’s hearts!!! He was tough but had a Hugh heart and would do anything for any one!!!!! And for you pussy’s out there saying Ricky deserved it or he shot first… Lmfao!!!! That shows how stupid you he didn’t shut first I have the actual video’s and they shot at him 3 times before he was even all the way out of truck stupid fucks!!! Watch the video and turn your volume up…. And realy for any one got something to say bad about him… Would love for u to say it in person… And some else said they know the Diamond family the don’t go down with out a fight!!! That’s right!!!! Never have never will!!!! And karma is great!!!!! Thanks even one for your good thoughts of Ricky Diamond!!!!! R.I.P. Bubby!!!! We Love and miss You So much!!!!! Xoxox!!!

    • stephen blythe

      actually in the videos he does fire first. but even if he didnt he was refusing to give up and put the weapon down which gives them the right to shoot. if they hadnt who knows how many people could have been hurt by that dumbass.

      • Lisa

        Wow!!! There was 3 shots before he did.. And it doesn’t take almost 40 shots to kill some one.. And give up he didn’t have a chance to give up when he was being shot at.. So he tried to run.. And his back was towards them once he left the truck… But you are the one that knows so much… And he wouldn’t of hurt any one… He was in a open field… You dumb ass!!! Whts so funny got so many opinion and don’t even know what really happen you think they show u every thing on tv or Internet!! Lmfao.. No they don’t you stupid fuck!!! And I would of done the same thing as he did if I was gettin shot out!! And a lot of other people have said they would of to… And does that make u feel tough calling a man that has passed away names… Real cool…

  15. a

    i agree with stephen

  16. a

    ricky got exactly what he deserved. they should have killed him sooner. if he didnt run he would still be alive. he knew he was in trouble and thats why the little pussy ran. he was nothing but a troublesome little bitch

  17. Glad to see the police clearing out the scum

    One less fucktard in the world.

  18. Your name is someone and you have no picture but yet everyone else is hiding?

  19. Stepge Blythe

    I feel bad for his friends and family for losing him but if he wouldn’t have fled from the cops the dumbfuck would still be alive. I laughed when i heard what happened. He was nothing but trouble and deserved to be shot. Just pulling a loaded gun gave police the right to shoot him.

  20. Just someone

    RIP bud. I really can’t say much, but i will say that NO ONE deserves to die. I did know Rickie. And closer than i could tell anyone. God forgives people and i find it very rude to be calling people who have passed away, harsh names. I didn’t know we were still in middle school? What has this world come too? Disrespectful people, that’s for sure. I know Rickie is flying high and watching over the people he loves. Oh and between, his mother is still living. I love you and miss you Rickie..

  21. This is my first time pay a quick visit at here and i am in fact happy to
    read everthing at one place.

  22. Connie Kise

    Why r u doing this it has been five years he has a family. We r still suffering do to this tragedy. He was not a animal or land or building. HE WAS A HUMAN FOR GOD SAKES GIVE IT A REST. BESIDES MORE LIKE MURDER INSTEAD OF SUCIDE. WANTING FRONT PAGE NEWS TV. REALLY PEOPLE. WRITE ABOUT SOMETHING LIKE CHILD ABUSE WELFARE FRAUD. GOVERNMENT OFFICIALS BEING CORRUPT.

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