still santonio’s town….

crime week continues

On April 11, 2010, Holmes was traded to the New York Jets in exchange for a fifth-round pick in the 2010 NFL Draft.[7]

(The Steelers eventually traded the pick to the Arizona Cardinals in exchange for a sixth round pick and reacquiring Bryant McFadden. The Cardinals used the pick on quarterback John Skelton.) Shortly after the trade, the NFL announced that Holmes would be suspended for the first four games of the season due to a violation of the NFL’s substance abuse policy.[8]

The trade came after Holmes’ incident in a nightclub (see below), coinciding with Ben Roethlisberger’s own legal troubles, and the Steelers wanting to set an example of its players. Had Holmes not been traded, the Steelers would’ve simply released him, meeting a similar fate to that of former first round pick Huey Richardson, who was traded for a 7th round pick one year after going in the first round.[9]

Holmes has acknowledged selling drugs on the street corner of his hometown of Belle Glade, Florida as a teenager; he says that his mother’s influence and a desire to play professional football made him decide to stop.[10]

Holmes was arrested in Miami BeachFlorida on May 27, 2006 for disorderly conduct.[11] Charges were subsequently dropped after Holmes paid a fine. Holmes was arrested for a second time on June 18, 2006 for domestic violence and assault in Columbus, Ohio.[12]

On July 7, 2006, Holmes appeared in Franklin County Court in Columbus, Ohio for both a pre-trial regarding the domestic case and hearing regarding the traffic ticket. He plead no contest to the traffic ticket and agreed to pay a fine. While Lashae Boone, the mother of Holmes’ daughter and the victim in the assault case, requested that the domestic violence and assault charges be dropped, the prosecutor refused. Boone and their daughter accompanied Holmes to court. The charges were later dropped.[13]

On October 23, 2008, Holmes was arrested in Pittsburgh and cited by officers for possession of marijuana.[14][15] He released an apology after missing a game, stating that he wished to “focus all of [his] efforts on helping our team win on the field and achieve its ultimate goal.”[16]

On March 24, 2010, Anshonae Mills filed a lawsuit against Holmes over a March 7 incident in which she alleges Holmes threw a glass at her in an Orlando nightclub, resulting in a cut above her eye. Initially, Mills did not pursue charges, claiming Holmes and the police intimidated her into it, but the case has been reopened. Subsequently, after a Twitter comment criticizing the nightclub incident, Holmes told the follower to “kill urself.” He later Tweeted it was time to “wake n bake,” a reference to marijuana.[17] Holmes alleges his account was hacked and it was not him making the comments.[18]

On April 29th, according to a report filed by authorities at Pittsburgh International Airport, a flight attendant told police that Holmes wouldn’t turn off his iPod when requested and asked that officers speak to him. Holmes got off the Colgan Air flight and spoke to the officers, who reminded him to comply with regulations, but did not charge the wide receiver with anything. Holmes later talked to Jets head coach Rex Ryan about the incident. [19]


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  1. weedsteeler

    don’t say you are a jets fan in front of palehorse.

    you will never hear the end.


    to late.
    evans and i have already been concepting nfl football season.

  3. weedsteeler

    1 concept.

    dolphins and bengals total annihilation

  4. brandon

    I think that we should be in charge of Santonio’s twitter or he should at least post here.

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