El-P Reveals a Suprising Creative Muse

During an u-stream press conferance El-P revealed that “Time Won’t Tell” which a video premiered for on Pitchfork today was inspired by political prisoner, Anthony Porter.

The indie rap pioneer went on to call Porter, “a Kafkaesque anti-hero”. El-P denounced the public outcry against Mr. Porter as “Uber-Orwellian.”

“This is a travesty. It sickens me. I intend to pen my version of “Killing an Arab” with A-Po as my muse.” El-P said defiantly, referring to the Cure song based on the classic existential novel The Stranger.

Anthony Porter stood silently with El-P in solidarity.

Watch “Time Won’t Tell” on Pitchfork Media.


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One response to “El-P Reveals a Suprising Creative Muse

  1. Looks a lot like the cover of “I’ll Sleep When You’re Dead.” Coincidence? Prophetic?

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