Always a happy ending

Two employees of an upper East Side massage parlor were busted Monday for charging customers for sex, police said.

Cops said Wangshan Ye, 22, and Le Zhou, 40, were collared in the 3:20 p.m. raid on the E. 78th St. sex pad and charged with prostitution.

The raid gave some concerned neighbors on the tony block a sense of relief.

“Everyone in the building knows what’s going on in there,” said David Klienfeld, 32, who lives above the apartment. “This place has adult ads on craigslist.”

One online ad for the business featured a model with oiled skin and a come-hither look promising “most excellent care.” Others promised “high-tone Asian acupressure” or “magic massage – beautiful girl.”

The shop – with a sign that read “Acupuncture Body Work” in the window – had only been open for about two months.

“This isn’t the kind of building where you expect to find prostitution,”  Klienfeld said.


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