NFL Week One Picks for 2010

It is about time for this to get underway. Short and simple this week because it is the first week. Forget all the time wasting…picks!

Vikings at Saints- should be a no brainer as Farve gets punished. Vikes are missing some of their receiving corp. Petersen can’t do it all. Shoulda stayed retired old boy. You’re gonna have a long season. Don’t forget, this is on Thursday night!!

Browns at Bucaneers- oh, good because everybody has to dump at some point. Might as well get this abomination out of the way early. Wendy’s or McDonalds? It’s not even beef. Bronwns or Bucs? OSU would crush either. Browns baby.

Dolphins at Bills- Miami getting it out of the way early so they don’t have to mess with the freezing cold up there in two months. Good for them. Dolphins burn and raze the shithole.

Bengals at Patriots- I know my jank ass tv will be airing either this or the Browns. I fucking hope it is this game. Curious to see the Bengals in action. Last season  a fluke? I think so but the Pats are slipping. Bengals with the suprise win.

Colts at Texans- first week shoot out. Largely non existent defense and two of the best QBs in the league. Who will take the crown? I’m going Texans with the suprise win.

Broncos at Jaguars- which do you want; gonorrhea or chlymidia? Neither but I’ll take the Broncos lame ass pony.

Falcons at Steelers- shouldn’t be a question. Falcons should win this but it depends on Steelers d and c(l)ock management (which Roethlesberger needs to work on).

Raiders at Titans- provided Vince Young doesn’t go to any strip clubs in the next week this should be marked as a W for the Titans.

Panthers at Giants- remember when the Giants upset the Cowboys in that bullshit stadium last year? This will be nothing like that. Gigantes.

Lions at Bears- dome team getting lucky to play in seasonal Chicago before fall/ winter. It doesn’t necessarily mean anything in this case. Bears, because someone has to win.

Cardinals at Rams- this is going to be some funny shit. The fallout from Kurt Warner retiring will royally fuck the Cardinals. I’m taking Rams.

Packers at Eagles- this will be a good game. Packers are looking tough. Eagles have a big question mark with Kolb. I’m thinking Pack easily.

49ers at Seahawks-  who wins when no one watches? 49ers.

Cowboys at Redskins- another mystery with the ‘Skins. How will McNabb fare? I’m going Cowboys because history will repeat itself.

Ravens at Jets- two AFC behemoths (on paper at least) square off. Who is real? Who is fake? Ravens baby.

Chargers at Chiefs- monday night double feature! Don’t stay up. Chargers.


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