is it martin? is it shawn?

no! its peter sutcliffe the yorkshire ripper!!!

Sutcliffe was convicted of murdering the following 13 victims:

Date Name of victim Age at death Body found Location on map
30 October 1975 Wilma McCann 28 Prince Phillip Playing Fields, Leeds 1
20 January 1976 Emily Jackson 42 Manor Street, Sheepscar, Leeds 2
5 February 1977 Irene Richardson 28 Roundhay Park, Leeds 3
23 April 1977 Patricia Atkinson 32 Flat 3, 9 Oak Avenue, Bradford 4
26 June 1977 Jayne MacDonald 16 Adventure playground, Reginald Street, Leeds 5
1 October 1977 Jean Jordan 20 Allotments next to Southern Cemetery, Manchester 6
21 January 1978 Yvonne Pearson 21 Under a discarded sofa on waste ground off Arthington Street, Bradford 7
31 January 1978 Helen Rytka 18 Timber yard in Great Northern Street, Huddersfield 8
16 May 1978 Vera Millward 40 Grounds of Manchester Royal Infirmary 9
4 April 1979 Josephine Whitaker 19 Savile Park, Halifax 10
2 September 1979 Barbara Leach 20 Back of 13 Ash Grove, Bradford 11
20 August 1980 Marguerite Walls 47 Garden of a house called “Claremont”, New Street, Farsley, Leeds 12
17 November 1980 Jacqueline Hill 20 Waste ground off Alma Road, Headingley, Leeds 13

When Sutcliffe was stripped of his clothing at the police station he was wearing a V-neck sweater under his trousers. The sleeves had been pulled over his legs and the V-neck exposed his genital area. The front of the elbows were padded to protect his knees as, presumably, he knelt over his victims’ corpses. The sexual implications of this outfit were held to be obvious, but it was not communicated to the public until the 2003 book Wicked Beyond Belief: The Hunt for the Yorkshire Ripper by Michael Bilton.


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  1. zachcreadon

    top right corner dude looks like yall two fucked and made a baby

    i hate this

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