NFL Week 6: Farve Fined For Emailing Pic to NY Jews

I have two rounds of picks every week and I can’t keep the shit straight. All I know is that I am in the hunt to win some $$$$ from my pool. If you knuckleheads were smart you would have put a G on the Lions like I said. I was a smart dude and bet double on the Falcons (points). Anyhow, this season is maddening. PICKS!!!!!


Falcons (4-1) at Eagles (3-2) more birds battle and damn, I don’t know. Kolb looked decent and Falcons played tough against the tougher than you think Browns. I’m going Falcons.

Chargers (2-3) at Rams (2-3)- so, when will the Chargers wake up? Theoretically, the Rams are as bad as the Raiders. I don’t think any of that matters, Chargers.

Saints (3-2) at Buccaneers (3-1)- what a mind fuck. This is as fucked up as Mel Gibson’s career. I mean, you cannot fuck with Lethal Weapon but he has been kinda lovingly beyond lunatic cop and on “I’m fitting to don some Bruno Magli’s and get a hackin'” vibe. Really, how hard is it to be rich? Sign me the fuck up. Cop a yacht and let me borrow Khemsurov’s spear gun and you won’t see me. Sun, water, fish. Oh yeah, Saints.

Lions (1-4) at Giants (3-2)- Like the changes of the leaves, Eli grows into his man body once (or twice) a season. Mannish Mann(ing) is back. How long? Who knows? Giants.

Dolphins (2-2) at Packers (3-2)- Rodgers is out, all these other cocksuckers are out for the Pack. Bad sign. Sell that cheese hat. MY HAT IS LIKE A DOLPHIN FIN.

Seahawks (2-2) at Bears (4-1)- Seahawks are traveling east and therefore have their testicles yanked. DA BEARS.

Ravens (4-1) at Patriots (3-1)- Good game on paper. Ravens secondary has very few people to cover with the Moss trade. Ravens run game is heavy. Ravens roll.

Browns (1-4) at Steelers (3-1)- Don’t let the 1-4 record fool you. The Browns are playing hard football. There are a lot of injuries unfortunately. Steel City is going to be buck when Rape-Man dons the Rape Cape and makes your girl disappear. Steelers.

Chiefs (3-1) at Texans (3-2)- Texans are looking suspect and I predict that they will not be ready for what the Chiefs are bringing to the table (guns and meth aka the real party).

Jets (*-*) at Broncos (2-3)- Ravens opened it up on the Broncos and I suspect that the Jets do the same.

Raiders (2-3) at 49ers (0-5)- how long will the Niners go without a win? It ends this week. Dumb mistakes have plagued them this season and the Raiders are still pretty stupid.

Cowboys (1-3) at Vikings (*-*)- Can this end in a double loss? Fuck the both of them. I feel the Vikes are gonna do this one.

Colts (3-2) at Redskins (3-2)- Colts- no run game and injuries. Redskins- pretty much the same. Ew. I’ll take the Colts because Manning is Manning and he will do Manning things.

Titans (3-2) at Jaguars (3-2)- how many yards will Chris Johnson get on the Jags? Their pass D is suspect too. Titans.




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3 responses to “NFL Week 6: Farve Fined For Emailing Pic to NY Jews

  1. brandon

    Lemme just say 9-3 before tonight’s game. I will make you rich. Find someone with a better record?! You can stand up to suck MY dick.

  2. 1.) im listening to decrepit birth
    2.) thanks for the jungle rot promo
    3.) wish i had that speargun right now
    4.) this season is suspect

  3. brandon

    1.) Jamming Cormega and Brodequin while making pretzels.
    2.) Anytime.
    3.) Wish I copped the AK-47 I was trying to cop when we went to Vance’s.
    4.) Straight up.

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