NFL Week 7: Disgrace The Corpse of Wade Phillips

Cowboys fans gather outside Cowboys Stadium to defile to corpse of former head coach Wade Phillips

The most interesting thing I have to comment on is that the text on my computer no linger shows up when I type. I’m looking at a blank page. Real cool. I apologize for any typos. Fuck the bellyaching…picks! Nevermind, crisis averted.

Buffalo (0-5) at Baltimore (4-2)- can you guess?

Rams (3-3) at Bucaneers (3-2)- I covered a 1st grade class the other day and a kid asked me “What is 21?” Well, can you explain it? Can you explain how the Rams are 3-3 and the Bucs are 3-2? Throw it all in the ICP bin; they are all miracles. Rams.

Eagles(3-2) at Titans (3-2)- this game is gnarly. I’m taking Titans because it’s in TN.

49ers (1-5) at Panthers (0-5) Panthers have it right. There is a NFL strike looming. Might as well do away with all your fans in advance so the lockout doesn’t real hurt the organization. It’s like saying “I’m losing my job in a month so how bad could it be if I xerox this glass of urine?” Nahmean?

Jaguars (3-3) at Chiefs (3-2) This week’s WHAT THE FUCK? game of the week features two teams that have miraculously posted three wins. One team is on the verge of being a real team and the other is on the verge of moving to L.A. Chiefs.

Steelers (4-1) at Dolphins (3-2)- sorry Shawn, gotta go extremist. Rapist and James “I don’t care if I hurt people” Harrison.

Bengals (2-3) at Falcons (4-2)- the best way to describe the Bengals are like mixtapes. Tons of rappers put their best stuff on mixtapes and have shitty albums. The Bengals stars put their best stuff on reality tv while they play shitty football. Falcons.


Browns (1-5) at Saints (4-2)- every kid ever asks if I am Colt McCoy’s brother. No, I disowned him for playing for the Browns. Saints.

Cardinals (3-2) at Seahawks (3-2)- fuck this. Seahawks.

Raiders (2-4) at Broncos (2-4)- this division is a piece of shit. Broncos.

Patriots (4-1) at Chargers (2-4)- three years ago this would have been a great game. Three years ago, Junior Seau would not have driven his car off a cliff. Is there a connection? Pats.

Vikings (2-3) at Packers (3-3)- Brett Bowl! If that old coot were smart he would send pics of his shriveled johnson to Aaron Rodgers. Pack.

Giants (4-2) at Cowboys (1-4)- America’s team can eat shit. Gigantes.



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2 responses to “NFL Week 7: Disgrace The Corpse of Wade Phillips

  1. what i don’t really understand is how all these teams have so many losses….


  2. brandon

    There is so little carry over momentum from last season or even the prior week. It is insane. The winners are TB, Jacksonville, St. Louis and KC. That’s 12 wins right there. Those teams had like 12 wins total last season.

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