Yes, the two women to the right will be official NASCAR drivers on Saturday.

Amber and Angela Cope, the twin 27-year-old nieces of 1990 Daytona 500 winner Derrike Cope, are scheduled to make their NASCAR debut in Saturday’s Camping World Truck Series race.

Compared at the beginning of the year to a pre-pregnancy firesuited version of Christina Aguilera— note, not my comparison — the twins’ stated goal is to drive well and look good at the same time. From NASCAR.com

In addition to financial pressures, Angela said she fears the NASCAR community will not take the twins seriously. “I think the obstacles we run into is that we are girly girls, we are blonde and everyone thinks that we are out to be models not racers,” she said. “We will make our mark in this sport, earn everyone’s respect and look great.”

Hmmm… good point. They’re probably the first to compete in a Truck Series race and go to cosmetology school.

According to Derrike Cope Racing’s official site — pardon the spelling and grammar mistakes — the twins have been racing go-karts since the age of 9 and have run late-model race cars, and according to Racing Reference, Angela has three ARCA starts.

Plus, like fellow Truck Series driver Jennifer Jo Cobb, the twins also have a fashion boutique.

Both are locked into the field for Saturday’s race. Angela is in the No. 01 truck — most notable for getting a brake hose thrown at it after then-driver Joe Aramendia collided with Mario Gosselin — and Amber is in the No. 6.

We’ll see how they do Saturday. Martinsville is a tough place for any driver, and they’d be best served to stay out of the way of Kyle Busch. Shrub probably won’t show them much sympathy as he’s lapping them




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