hey?! why not?

Jennifer Mee, whose 15 minutes of fame occurred in 2007 when she couldn’t stop hiccuping for five weeks, is back in the news—much more unpleasantly this time: She’s charged with first-degree murder. Mee, 19, allegedly lured a man to a spot in Florida where two others robbed him at gunpoint Saturday. The victim was shot four times, and all three suspects confessed, CNN reports. Mee appeared onToday several times during her hiccup ordeal, but since then she has apparently run away from home twice.



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2 responses to “hey?! why not?

  1. brandon

    I would bet she murdered the person who cured her of hiccups thus taking away any chances of a reality show called “Don’t go in there you dumb bitch.”


    let’s pitch that reality show!
    weed steeler presents “don’t go in there you dumb bitch”

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