NFL Week 8 Picks: National Associaton of Dog Lover Jets Fans

Jets Fan and Dog Toucher, Mitchell Marsicano

Holler at me if you need some legit gambling advice. I had the Raiders, Rams, Redskins and probably some other R teams (in my #’s pool). Let’s get filthy.

Broncos (2-5) at 49ers (1-6)- battle for the bottom and these ain’t dog bottoms you pervy types. I’m taking Broncos because of the total ass kicking they received by the Raiders.

Panthers (1-5) at Rams (3-4)- here come the turd games… there are at least three, theoretically but the way this season is panning out you never know. I’m taking Rams.

Bills (0-6) at Chiefs (4-2) turd trifecta. Chiefs.

Jaguars (3-4) at Cowboys (*-*)- have you ever seen that “blind” guy with a dalmation walking around campus? Well, he’s not blind. He is acting. Cameron and I both have stories about him. Anyhow, both of these teams are like that blind cocksucker; shitty and an act. Cowboys

Dolphins (3-3) at Bengals (2-4)- Remember when you were jazzed that the Bengals had a pulse? You sold your records to buy season tickets and now what??? You’re dumb as fuck. Thanks for the records.
Sincerely, The Mogul.

Packers (4-3) at Jets (5-1)- what a season! Brett and his gross member and now a Jets fan ups the ante by having sex with dogs. At least the woman receiving Bretts pics is attractive. I’m taking Jets.

Redskins (4-3) at Lions (1-5)- I’m legit thinking I should move to Detroit. Can anyone provide me financial backing for either of my hit reality TV shows (to be filmed there); “Don’t Go In There You Dumb Bitch”. It will feature people walking into places (locally owned businesses, Arbys {if Detroit even has one}, Litte Caesars, etc) and then the Naked Photographer (brett farve) shows his stuff. The other show is “Climate of Fear High” where unruly kids go to school and have guns pulled on them when they misbehave. Oh, Detroit.

Titans (5-2) at Chargers (2-5)- Titans. Fucking Chargers and their bullshit Cali lifestyle. Sick of them.

Bucaneers (4-2) at Cardinals (3-3)- this game is like all these political commercials. They are on and I watch them. I would watch this if it were on TV even though it will be two tons of bullshit much like those politcal ads which are impossible not to watch.

Seahawks (4-2) at Raiders (3-4)- I would compare this game to noise “music”. You could watch it live but it is unwatchable. Be a fan and prepare to be kicked out of Thanksgiving for being a total fuck-up. Buying their gear/buying noise releases is pissing your money away. You may as well be homeless. I don’t know, fuck life? Raiders, because I love them, still.

Vikings (2-4) at Patriots (5-1)- somehow this will be considered a game to watch. Fuck that. Old coot is dragging an otherwise good football team to hell. Patriots.

Steelers (5-1) at Saints (4-3) Saints are one dimensional this season and if the Browns can cave your skull in… then you have a problem when the Steelers show up. Steelers.

Texans (4-2) at Colts (4-2) who will get shredded first, Colts run defense or Texans pass defense? I’ll take Texans.


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