NFL Week 11: Bills Celebrate & Decapitate

Bills owners show off their 2010 trophy marking the 1st win for the season.

Wild week. Megaslaughters left and right and all sorts of other hijinks abound. Hail Mary win for Jags, Cowboys beasting, Browns nearly getting it done. Wild out. Crushing my $$$$$ league. Picks…

Bears (6-3) at Dolphins (5-4)- thursday night fuck off. ‘Phins are looking mighty suspect and maaaaan Pennington blowing out his arm ON THE SECOND PLAY is madness. Short week with some major QB questions don’t look good for the Dolphins. Human paste skin Cutler wins.

Packers (6-3) at Vikings (3-6)- who is going to demolish Farve? I’m going Matthews this week. That pass rush is crazed. Dead old man.

Ravens (6-3) at Panthers (1-8)-I like to pretend this song is about football. Really, I don’t know what it’s about. Ravens.

Texans (4-5) at Jets (7-2)- Pourous defense has killed the Texans. Jets are steamrolling right now and that flabby slob of a coach is real excited because he probably gets free hamburgers everywhere in NYC. Party down.

Redskins (*-*) at Titans (5-4)- I don’t think the Skins can handle what the Titans are bringing.

Bills (1-8) at Bengals (2-7)- SICK FUCK PICK OF THE WEEK. Bills. FU CINCI.

Browns (3-6) at Jaguars (5-4) LOOK AT THAT FUCKING MURDERER! Browns!

Lions (2-7) at Cowboys (2-7)- Cowboys.

Raiders (5-4) at Steelers (6-3)- I’m looking Steelers to bounce back after their loss. Sorry Raiders. Campbell just ain’t know what the pass rush is like.

Cardinals (3-6) at Chiefs (5-4)- look it up, west coast teams travelling east haven’t won this season. Put ya bets in. Chiefs.

Falcons (7-2) at Rams (4-5) Teams from the east travelling west however win and win often. Falcons

Bucaneers (6-3) at 49ers (3-6)- interesting game since Troy Smith is leading the charge for the Niners. I like SF to win this one.

Seahawks (5-4) at Saints (6-3)- See the Cardinals game. Saints

Colts (6-3) at Patriots (7-2)- evening game in Foxboro means cool and outdoors and I am suspect of dome teams in real climates. Pats.

Giants (6-3) at Eagles (*-*)- DAMN, the machine keeping Eli’s balls Big Boss Man size went out with the lights Sunday night! Can Eli’s balls drop again before he faces Sick Vick and the Eagles? NAAAAHHHHHHH.

Broncos (3-6) at Chargers (4-5)- Chargers are awake and Broncos are done. Now will someone fire McDaniels for being a normal dude. I mean he is not outspoken, a dago, obese, or wear a wooden cross on hims neck. I would suggest potential coaching replacemenets of Denzel, The Black Keys,


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