I mean now that they are calling them porno scanners, so it’s enticing to keep them around.  Last week I was on official Weedsteeler business out to L.A. and TSA was freaking out at this hirsute offender behind me- outfitted in native orange garb with a wily beard and that look in his eyes.  It was also 6 am so it could have been a look of exhaustion, but either way the TSA faux police were on their walkie’s making sure he would go through the “porno scanner”.

So, in short they could be used to sort out the riff raff but I still hate the TSA and taking everything out of my back pockets.  I’m sure there are airports in Belarus with less occurrences of terrorism than the heavily outfitted American counterparts.

How does the Weedsteeler reader feel about body scanners?  Do you agree with the jew above and would like to see things revert back to the 70’s when you could wander the runway?  Have the body scanners prevented you from buying a ticket home for Hannukah?



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4 responses to “I’M TORN ON BODY SCANNERS

  1. honkeytonk



  2. honkeytonk


    Can someone design a more esthetically pleasing version of these?

  3. I travel by train when I can.

    The TSA is involved in bootleg whiskey distribution. The Bodyscan Operation is a diversion so the ATF Revenue Officers don’t find the untaxed whiskey that the TSA sells to passengers on regional air carriers.

    TSA agents do not sell to passengers on national and international carriers. That limitation on sales is a patriotic gesture that should be applauded. Bootleg whiskey can incite criminals to violence. Keeping bootleg whiskey off national and international flights makes flying safer.

    I think that Weedsteeler does not understand the insight of its question about Body Scanners.

    The TSA officers know much more about this than they let on.

    If you have difficulty recognizing body scanners as a diversion, read Henry David Thoreau’s “Walden Pond” especially pages 7 through 12 of the Modern Library edition or the Random House edition. Those pages are a blueprint for what is happening at airports.

    Train stations are subject to the parallel security excesses, so I do not escape the Operation Bodyscan. TSA officers sell bootleg whiskey at train stations too. Usually, the smaller rural stations where you would not expect much demand but the recession is driving farmers to drink, demon alcohol.

    But the usual rules of thumb are still important. “Follow the money” and “cherchez la femme.” TSA and the Operation Bodyscan are all about bootleg whiskey sales and turning the untaxed revenue over to feminist organizations.

    Isn’t it obvious?

    Next time we will discuss the part Ruth Bader Ginsberg plays in Operation Bodyscan. And “plays” is the important word.

    WCRX-LP Editorial Collective.

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