NFL WEEK 12 Picks: Vince Young Injuring Fans After Throwing A Temper Tantrum Edition

Kenny Dropknack, long time Titans fan, was on the receiving end of Vince Young’s temper tantrum. Dropknack was struck in the head by Young’s shoulder pads. Dropknack’s caved in head was not a result of being struck.

Week 11. One for the books. Homeboy punching a rapist, Vince Young turning “Take This Job And Shove It”, Santonio making big things happen, Chilly getting fired and there is still one game left tonight!
All I have to say is, I hope you put some real money on the Bills because if you did, you’d be stacking them right now. PICKS!!

Patriots (8-2) at Lions (2-8)- trifecta of Thanksgiving games. Too bad that none of them are good. Lions will put up a fight but what’s the use? No contest. Spend this time pumping your stomach to prime yourself for some eats.

Saints (7-3) at Cowboys (3-7)- I feel that this one will be closer than anyone would predict. Cowboys will give it a go. Saints will win.

Bengals (2-8) at Jets (8-2)- late game and really you should think about mainlining some pumpkin pie into your ass. Don’t slit your wrists over holiday depression. There are some good games to be played. The best part of this game is that it’s on the NFL network and I literally know no one that subscribes to that trash. Jets

Packers (7-3) at Falcons (8-2)- NFC powerhouse showdown. Falcons are making it look easy. Pack are ferocious. Don’t look past the Falcons and their nice home record when Matt Ryan is quarterbacking. Falcons.

Panthers (1-9) at Browns (3-7)- For every powerhouse showdown there are 3 turds. Guess what central Ohio? It could be worse, the Bengals could be playing or you could be completely dusted and shaving the skin off your shaft. Browns.

Steelers (7-3) at Bills (2-8)- working with children is not easy. Especially when it comes to their warped sense of who is good in the NFL and who is sucks. That said, I have never encountered a child Bills fan. It is like that movie Children of Men. Bills owners are on a quest to keep their fanbase with a 34 inch waistline or under, non-alcoholic and pre-teen. Even the Somolians do not wear Bills gear and today I had a student wearing Shaquille O’Neal shoes that were around when I was in high school! SAYIN’!

Jaguars (6-4) at Giants (6-4)- don’t let the similarities in record fool you. These two teams are literally light years apart. Think about the Jags competition, if that won’t stunt your growth god knows what will. Giants.

Vikings (3-7) at Redskins (5-5)- the popular choice will be to take the Vikes since they fired Childress. I’ll bite. Vikes.

Titans (5-5) at Texans (4-6)- Fighting For They Lives Like They Terminal game of the week. In a limp dick division, anyone can win. Vince Young will be on suicide watch and out of comission and in his place is Rusty. The game will be played much like your namesake, playboy. Texans.

Chiefs (6-4) at Seahawks (5-5)- Phantom fan division alert. Turn your television off or be prepared to be bored. Actually, Chiefs aren’t half bad. Chiefs.

Dolphins (5-5) at Raiders (5-5)- Miami has to be wishing they played in the AFC/ NFC West because they are already out the running due to the Pats and Jets. Raiders have a pulse, somehow. I’ll take the Dolphins.

Bucaneers (7-3) at Ravens (7-3)- Ravens are not the same Ravens from years past though I have a feeling they are gonna get after Freeman. Record may be the same but on the field we’ll see who is false fronting. Ravens.

Eagles (7-3) at Bears (7-3)- this is the great equalizer week. So many similar records it’s insane. The Bears blanked the Dolphins last week but it was a third string QB. They haven’t faced Sick Vick. I’ll take the Eagles.

Rams (4-6) at Broncos (*-*)- I’ve made a bunch of points betting on the Rams this season, I would suggest you do the same.

Chargers (*-*) at Colts (6-4)- when was the last time the Colts dropped two in a row?

49ers (3-7) at Cardinals (3-7)- this match up couldn’t be any less interesting. 49ers because….


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    that picture makes me sick

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