COLUMBUS, Ohio—Columbus Mayor Michael Coleman is seeking reelection in 2011.

The mayor’s spokesperson, Dan Williamson, confirmed the information Tuesday morning.

Coleman has been in the mayor’s office for three terms and is seeking reelection for a fourth.

He said he helped guide the city through two national recessions and right now Columbus is the shining economic star in Ohio.

He pointed to a balanced budget and a voter-approved tax increase that allowed for new police officer and firefighter classes.

He said the following last week: I’m not going to make an announcement today, but I’ll be making an announcement soon with respect to the next year and whether I’m going to run for mayor or not. I love the city of Columbus, and there is still more work to be done in the city, and it won’t be a surprise if I throw my hat back into the ring.”

Coleman also told WEED $TEELER he thought of the recent election as a “Bloody Tuesday” for Ohio’s Democrats.

Click here to watch NBC 4’s The Spectrum and Coleman’s assessment of his party.

Coleman’s office is expected to release a media statement later Tuesday.

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