After another violent night in Columbus, neighbors are looking for ways to help grieving families.

Two shootings left two men dead Monday night and brought the total homicide count in the city to 100.

At about 6:30 p.m. Monday, Eugene Patterson, 19, was found shot to death in a car on East Fulton Street.

Then shortly before 10 p.m., Frank Turner was shot during an argument in front of his west-side apartment on Canonby Place.

“One homicide is too many and that’s one of the problems that we’ve seen. As a society to get complacent and accept things like this, we should not accept this at all,” said Kevin Miles, of Central Ohio Crime Stoppers.

A local pastor said he is concerned about the violence and wants to assemble a response team.

“I’ve has some members who have lost family members to gun violence,” said Rev. Charles Bond.

Bond is the east-side pastor who organized an operation ceasefire during the summer’s rash of killings.

Now, Bond said he wants to organize a crisis response unit to respond to the families of a murder victim.

“When someone gets killed or there’s a crime, there’s a lot of flaring emotions. There’s anger. There’s bitterness. There’s revenge,” Bond said.

They are planning their first meeting next month, but it would be a group of volunteers who are not trying to do the work of police, but the work of a counselor who has been through this before.

“You have mothers who have been through this, so they know how to help the mothers who are now going through this. You have siblings who have lost siblings to gun violence to crime. They’ll know best how to help the person walk through those initial steps,” Bond said.

Turner was 47 years old and had three children. Police said there have been no arrests in the case.


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  1. me

    makes me want to drink alchoholic beverages

  2. A dolorous municipal achievement. A reminder of one of the ten commandments handed down on Mount Sinai. Will these dead men be remembered in Paradise? Will they be remembered by family and friends?

  3. Roger Williams

    Columbus Ohio, has a very serious local government problem which its fed by several states. It’s law enforce may be compromise . The in ability to cease and assist may be leading to a beach in national security. I did not document but participate in the campaign to elect President Barack Obama while visiting Columbus, even so I had commit to the California branch . I signed beside the President in the passage of the patient protection act. When I received the certificate for my support the word CHANGE became even greater trying to restore the american people against all odds. I am a native of Ohio. I care about my family and friends there. To standby and let the local government, educational system , media continue to suppress the inter city by the drawing of line , and criminals heading up programs ,non criminals scuffing to find a job. I’m all for rehab if it’s done with the right intention. I Did observe the Mayor of the city with two plain clothes body guards on several occasion , he appear to be paranoid ,with no doubt has the ability to slide away from concerns. This can be taken in many ways but I can only see one .!

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