For more than 20 years, Ralph Lauren’s Polo brand has been a staple of hip-hop fashion. Countless name drops, regional reinventions and a timeless style have helped its relevance outlive Kangols, throwbacks jerseys and skinny jeans to become a permanent part of the culture. After the release of Vado and Young Dro’s “Polo (Remix)” video earlier this month marked another moment in Polo and hip-hop’s storied relationship, we had 10 of the game’s biggest ‘Lo heads take us through a timeline remembering the crossing of two very different lifestyles. —Calvin Stovall

normally i would plagiarize but here is a link to xxl’s article on polo….click



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  1. Lo be High Life.
    Not Genuine Draft, Not even Miller’s High Life.
    Lo be High Life.
    Ralph makes good clothes.
    Good fabric. Good cut. Good assembly. Fair prices for quality merchandise.
    For Ralph it might have been aspirational. But when J. Press stopped sending its trunk salesmen through the Midwest to take orders, Ralph became the successor.
    If only Ralph would make all of his merchandise in America.

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