NFL Week 13 Picks: If I Were The Bills, I’d Blame It All On God

We here at Weedsteeler thoroughly endorse blaming life on God.

Wild week without a doubt. Nothing more to add except I do believe that the Titans and Texans play again this season and I would love to see that albino Mick Spicer meets that kid from Problem Child get destroyed again. PICKS!!!

Texans (5-6) at Eagles (7-4)- no pass d is going to get you nowhere against the Eagles. TX goes down.

Jaguars (6-5) at Titans (5-6)- no pass d will get you somewhere when the opposing team can’t throw. Jags.

Bears (8-3) at Lions (2-9)- Lions are lucky they don’t have to go to Chicago this time of year. While I do respect the Lions game, I don’t think they can run up points against this stingy defense. Especially with a possibility of a third string QB starting.

Broncos (3-8) at Chiefs (7-4)- can anything go right for Denver? The team was gutted by McDaniels and they have lost like a 15 of their last 20 (or something to that effect). Chiefs run.

49er (4-7) at Packers (7-4)- this is easily more impossible thanFriday the 13th for Nintendo. I could beat that game sooner than the 49ers would win in Green Bay.

Saints (8-3) at Bengals (2-9)- it really irks me to see these “Who Dey Nation” commercials. They only advertise the opposing team because why would you want to see the Bengals?

Browns (4-7) at Dolphins (6-5)- Delhomme starts Dolphins win. McCoy starts Browns win.

Redskins (5-6) at Giants (7-4)- this is tough because of the Giants inability to close out the season. ‘Skins.

Raiders (5-6) at Chargers (6-5)- one team is not like the other. Chargers.

Cowboys (3-8) at Colts (6-5)- I’m going Cowboys because they nearly stuck it to the Saints. Granted this is in Indy but the Cowboys have a good pass rush and an above average running game (that is underperforming).

Rams (5-6) at Cardinals (3-8)- Rams. No question.

Panthers (1-10) at Seahawks (5-6)- Painful. Seahawks?!

Falcons (9-2) and Bucs (7-4)- Falcons are playing like a playoff team against other playoff teams. Bucs are not.

Steelers (8-3) at Ravens (8-3)- for all the marbles. Ben in a boot… not a good sign though McClain may be out. Who can capitalize on defense/ special teams will decide the winner. I’ll take Steelers.

Jets (9-2) at Pats (9-2)- Pats are lacking defense but are a juggernaut on offense. Jets D is ok as well as their offense. Potential shoot out?
I like it. Jets.


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