The Madness of a Lost Society



Filed under fuck 'em all, Global enslavement, Gold, humans as cattle.

3 responses to “The Madness of a Lost Society

  1. The log jam at the department store entrance: the problem is that the customers trying to enter the store are hugely overweight.

    Doors that permit two normal-sized customers to enter easily can barely accommodate one of these XXXXXXXX-Large eaters.

    Two people of proper weight are not a crowd.

    One of the fatties in this video are a crowd.

    These buckets of lard cast such huge shadows. The shade their girth creates solves the problem of global warning.

    Black Friday? “Mondo Lardo” is closer to the truth.

  2. r.

    cut guts then you die.

  3. Pale Horse

    Glad I got some Silver before the (latest) run-up. Walking Dead real life edition – take 1

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