NFL Picks Week 14: Broncos Up In Flames- RIP Josh McDaniels

The Broncos did it. Fired Josh McDaniels. The same dude who thought it would be a good idea to unleash the new white god, Tim Tebow, on the NFL. YOU TOO WILL DIE ON THE CROSS!!!! Remember, ON A MULE RIDES THE SWINDLER!!!! PICKS!!!!

Colts (6-6) at Titans (5-7)- Colts have to be lightweight thrilled that they get to play a team that is in as bad of shape as the Broncos. The Colts aren’t in that great of shape either but I’ll take them over the dickless Titans.

Falcons (10-2) at Panthers (1-11)- ew.

Bengals (2-10) at Steelers (9-3)- Prediction, Steelers will fake hard count on an entire offensive series tricking the retard Bengals into going offsides repeatedly. Hard to believe people had hard dicks over the Bengals. Steelers.

Raiders (6-6) at Jacksonville (7-5)- what world do NFL fans live in? My $$$ picks were straight up garbage last week thanks in no small part to the Raiders. Flip a coin?! Both of these teams are streakier than underwear.

Packers (8-4) at Lions (2-10)- The Lions this season are like women. Damned if you do and damned if you don’t. Put $$$$ on them to win and they don’t show up. Bet against them and they are all destroying my $$$$. Women and Lions are from Venus. Packers.

Giants (8-4) at Vikings (5-7)- kinda interesting on paper. I feel that Brett is going to get abused at the hands of the Giants pass rush. Giants.

Browns (5-7) at Bills (2-10)- battle between the two toughest worst teams (I kid you not!). I’ll take Clevo.

Buccaneers (7-5) at Redskins (5-7)- Skins are another one of those teams that Dr. Jeckyl and Mr. Hyde it weekly though they have been pretty limp as of late. I’ll take Bucs.

Seahawks (6-6) at 49ers (4-8)- cross your fingers that an earthquake keeps this from happening.

Rams (6-6) at Saints (9-3)- Rams are looking decent but decent won’t save them in NO.

Chiefs (8-4) at Chargers (6-6)- isn’t it time for the Chargers to wake up? They hadn’t lost in December since 2005 (until last week). Chiefs were given the blueprint for Charger enslavement and that is hog the ball and run it. I’ll take Chiefs.

Dolphins (6-6) at Jets (*-*)- Dolphins are a rotting carcass right now. I mean like grosssssssssss. Jets are getting demolished currently but I expect a bounce back to form for the playoffs. JETS.

Broncos (3-9) at Cardinals (3-9)- McDaniels gets the boot on an easy win week!? Insult to injury. Broncos.

Patriots (*-*) at Bears (9-3)- Bears have been doing whatever it takes to not instill faith in me. I did, however, pick them with the points and was screwed. Same mistake twice?! No, begrudgingly Pats.

Eagles (8-4) at Cowboys (4-8)- Cowboys are playing inspiried football right now and do have an upset in them. I’ll play. Cowboyeeees.

Ravens (8-4) at Texans (5-7)- Ravens won’t take the Steelers loss lightly. Expect to get punished Texans though I will say that the Ravens pass defense isn’t all that, there could be an upset?! Ravens


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